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Healthy Eating Tips That’ll Get You On Track

I’m sure this is a question 90% of you ask every day! From experience I have to say it wasn’t an easy task but that was probably because I didn’t take it to seriously. Sometimes things have to become severe for us to make a change.

I used to eat out at Mc Donald’s quite often until I got food poisoning from there when I was younger… Attractive I know. I started going again a couple of years later (I’m crazy like that) but lesser and lesser over time.

They sell more than 70 burgers per second so it’s no wonder people are struggling with healthy eating! Did you know certain things you eat can make you more prone to heart disease?

The list of things it can do to your body is quite surprising really. Like they say… you’re what you eat! I’m going to lay down some healthy eating  tips for you to consider.


Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy Eating Tips


1. Stop Being Lazy

You’re probably sat there like… what? Stop being lazy? What’s that supposed to mean? Well let me break it down for you… When you’re indoors chilling… watching TV… on your laptop, in your pajamas or whatever else you may do.. Instead of actually cooking a proper meal, you’ll decide to go out and order some take out.

Maybe eat a couple of kebabs, buy some microwave chips from a super market… Or take a drive down to MC Donald’s, and put a fat load of bullshit into your system.

Can you understand where I’m coming from here? Now don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting some take out now and then because I can’t lie even I DO IT! But the point I’m making here is CUT DOWN on the amount of UNHEALTHY FOODS you consume.

It wont effect you right this minute. But I can guarantee you it’ll affect you physically in some way in the future. You are what you eat so think before you stuff your face with garbage.


2. Set Short Term, Long Term Goals

I understand that healthy eating aint a walk in the park for some. You have to set goals if you expect to succeed. So what I want you to do is write down some SHORT TERM goals to start with. Take it one step at a time.

You have to test the water before you jump in right? Try eating vegetables with your meals at least once a week or once a month.

The point is to do what you can, do what your comfortable with. Once you feel like you’re doing a good job at accomplishing your short-term goals… You can start writing down some long-term goals if necessary. 

Write your goals down on paper or write em down in your android, iPhone by downloading a notepad. If you have an android phone I recommend downloading colornote. Oh and as long as you’re committed to healthy eating, you CAN make it happen!


3.  Kick Any Bad Habits

Thoughts lead to actions, actions lead to habits. In this case if you’ve eaten junk food for your entire life, it’s going to be harder for you than it would be for some one who hasn’t done it for long.

Don’t doubt though. Just because it’ll be hard doesn’t mean it’ll be impossible. NOTHING is impossible as long as your dedicated, determined, committed.

So start off by identifying any bad food habits you have. Practice good eating habits 1 step at a time. Like the saying goes “progress is a slow process”. Don’t expect it to happen magically over night, this isn’t the lottery ya know.

Good habits would include eating only when you’re hungry, eating when you need to. Bad habits would include over eating, eating when you’re bored, and eating heavily at night. IDENTIFYING your bad habits is KEY if you’d like to eat healthy.


4. Adopt A Healthy Mindset

Study people who are in the position you want to be in. Google any celebrities and find out how they did it or do it. Study absolutely anybody who tends to eat healthy naturally. You don’t have to necessarily copy them but LEARN from them. Apply their good habits to yourself and keep at it. This should help tremendously.



I could have taken the typical route and told you… “eat healthy” “eat fruits” “eat vegetables” “don’t eat this don’t eat that”. BUT at the end of the day it’s never that simple. You can’t wave a wand and expect to start eating healthy magically.

You have to rid of habits and all sorts first. Take it step by step before making it happen. The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. 


You should check out this website LiveStrong  there’s tons of health advice for you to read through.


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