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how to be positive


How To Be Positive On A Regular Basis

Life is a funny thing indeed. Other than natural things in life, like dying, most of the negative things in our lives are self-caused. Yep that’s right. The fact that you’re spiteful towards others is your own cause.

The fact that you’re so stressed out, complaining about the little things, & the fact that you attract the wrong crowd of people is self-caused. Of course there is outside influences I wont deny that. But at the end of the day… Once you make that decision, the outcome will be your fault entirely.

Everybody is responsible for the thoughts they put into their heads. If you tell yourself you “can’t” do something, you’ll fail to do it. If you tell yourself “not everybody can get rich” you’re basically saying you’ll never be rich. If you tell your kids “you have to go college to succeed” that could have a negative effect if they were to fail in college. Learn how to be positive below.


   Positive Thinking Techniques


How To Be Positive


1. Use Positive Affirmations

The subconscious mind is powerful and capable of doing whatever you put into it overtime. That means whatever you tell yourself will come true. A positive affirmation is a positive statement you want or believe is true like… “I can succeed in the blogging industry” “I love my life” “there is no limit to what I can accomplish” “I am a very confident person”

“I am positive on a daily basis” Be honest with yourself though. This isn’t a magic spell or something. Obviously you can create your own affirmations to influence positive thinking. I recommend doing this every day. Read more on Positive Affirmations


2. Live Without Expectations

The thing with expecting to much in life is… If it doesn’t happen you’ll most likely end up feeling like pig shit. I know a range of you can agree with this.

Wouldn’t it be nice to live freely everyday without expecting a thing? Have you noticed when good things happen unexpectedly, it feels a lot more refreshing than it would if expected?

Living with expectations makes everything worse sometimes. IT can make you become more negative due to negative thinking like…

“I’m such a failure” “why me” etc. This might be difficult to do but it’s beneficial and effective.


3. View Failures As Lessons

It’s funny because failure is the reason many people you look up to are successful.  it’s also the reason many people never succeed in life.  Life is a journey, you’re meant to fail to succeed so don’t worry.

Instead of looking at failure as unacceptable, a disgrace, embarrassment,  you should learn from it. Sound simple enough?

Well it is. Don’t say “why did I fail” say “how can I learn from this to better my self”. You have to ask questions to get answers.


4. Surround Yourself With Positive People

If you’re around negative people all day everyday it’s going to effect you one way or another. If you’re around people who complain, back stab, gossip about others, ditch em!

If you can’t, avoid being around them to much or change them if possible. There’s a saying that goes like “you are what you are around”.  So be careful of who you hang around with, communicate with, befriend and let into your life.


5. Laugh And Smile Everyday

Don’t take yourself or your life to seriously. Take time to laugh smile and enjoy your life. When you’re happy in life, good things will follow automatically. That’s what i believe!

Watch the most hilarious videos via YouTube. Watch comedy programs, clown around with your friends. Make it a daily habit to laugh and smile every single day, it does help.


6. Be Grateful And Appreciate

Wake up everyday appreciating your life for what it is instead of worrying about what it could be. Be grateful for having a roof over your head, having a family, parents, food on the table, being alive… And everything that’s present. You’ll end up looking at life in a much more positive light.


7. Do What You Enjoy

Do you enjoy waking up every morning to a job you don’t even like…. With a manager you don’t like, salary you don’t like? Yeah I thought not… Trust me this happens to millions of us.

The only time you should do something you don’t enjoy like a particular job is never. Unless you plan to use it as a stepping stone. Otherwise it isn’t worth the stress and feeling like shit all the time. If you’re doing what you don’t enjoy, at least do something you enjoy on the side to balance it out. Or try to find ways to make your job enjoyable, if possible.


8. Live In The Moment

The past is never coming back no matter how hard you try to get it back. It’s like trying to chase a car going 100 mph, you’ll be chasing after it forever and you’ll be worn out eventually. The only thing that’s certain is the present. Stop worrying about what has been and what could be. Be happy for what you have, it’s better that way.


9. Love Yourself

Love what you see in the mirror, love who you are daily. Love all the qualities you have, love the person you have become. You’re unique and nobody can replace you even if they tried. You are you for a reason. Self love is an important ingredient to positivity. Check how to love yourself  on WikiHow.

10. Avoid Watching/Reading The News Excessively

Now we all know the news is full of negativity mostly. Some things on the news aren’t “bad” but why absorb all that negativity anyway? I’m not saying don’t watch/read the news… I’m saying don’t get to sucked into it. It can effect you without you even realizing.

Watch the video by Marie Forleo for more on this topic


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