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Welcome to another pep talk for #GoDoFly! Find out more about living life to the fullest right here with our beautiful kind hearted Alys DC. She is a young writer who continues to inspire us with her poems, stories and great love for music and photography.  Links down below!

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Living your youngest seconds

Today is the youngest you will ever be; perhaps the healthiest, fittest, happiest… Perhaps not, but either way, you will never be younger than you are in this minute, this second that you are reading this. What’s the point of making you aware of this fact? To try and motivate you to do your best now. Right now, because you won’t have this opportunity again. Whatever it is that needs doing, do it now. There is nothing like living in the moment.

I know it’s not that simple though. I am currently in the middle of exams that could potentially define my future, and there is a battle inside me: should I spend my days revising hard, learning facts that I feel are pointless, playing the game of memory to pass exams that are supposedly about understanding? Why can’t I do the things that make me happy instead? Things I feel will be more beneficial to my future? I think the point I’m trying to make is that sometimes you have to grit your teeth, fit into the system and get through something to insure you will be able to do the better, life-affirming things later on. Doesn’t that go against what I said at the beginning? What happened to living now, while you are the youngest you will ever be?

I hear you, I see the contradiction myself, but look at it this way: doing your best doesn’t mean doing only the things you love to a great standard, it also means trying your hardest even when you don’t feel like it, even when things are hard and you feel at breaking point. Keep pushing at that wall because one day it will crack, and the feeling of achievement will be incredible. Live your youngest seconds to their greatest potential; make your future years even more positive.

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