#GoDoFly presents Ail Shino

Hello there lovely ones!

Today we present an artist who is on his way to the top, one way or another. Still young and getting to know his own magic, we present Ail Shino. Underneath, he shared with us his first cosplay experience. As he has told us, English is not his first language but he tries the best way he can to get his ideas across. We salute people who live life their own way, who are inspired by others and are being themselves.

Let’s get to it!


How long have you been drawing and how did you start?

I have been drawing for about 12 years and still learning. When I were a kid, I saw a comic (I can’t remember its name), when I open it, I was amazed at the drawing inside it. That’s how my passions towards art get started.

What is your goal with your art?
Before I finished my drawing, I always asked myself, ”Is this drawing can be accepted by people out there?”. When the answer is not, I’ll redraw it again until I’m really satisfied with it. So technically, my goal is for all of my artworks can be accepted by people and just hope that they’ll like it.

Did you take any classes or did you learn by yourself?
No. I’d never taken any art classes before. I learnt it by myself. When I was a kid I’ll just copy the drawing from magazines and that’s how I learnt it.
Now, I am always watching tutorials on how to draw at Youtube!

How do you choose what you are going to draw?

Well, before I start my drawing, I always look at my window first and stared at the sky. During that moment, there’s plenty of pictures in my mind. From pre-historic creatures to futuristic city, my imagination just can’t stop running. And when I got a full picture in my mind, I’ll sketch it roughly and quickly. Then I’ll start to draw.

What is your drawing process?
┬áMy drawing process is really messy at first. Usually I’ll use a HB pencil for sketching. Then I start to darken the outline by using a 2B pencil. When there’s a dark part, I’ll use more variety for example 5B until 9B. But if I want to draw by using a pen, I’ll just use HB for sketching and do the outline by pen. Basically my way of doing it is simple since I’m self learner. Apparently I just sketch and draw. Simple as that!

What or who inspires you the most?
Zint! He is a well-known cartoonist at Malaysia. His artwork is really awesome! And his comics uses a narrative style which is very close to the teenagers soul such as love story, fighting, friendship, etc. And the jokes inside his comics are quite fresh! One of his popular comic is ”Under 18”. He got plenty of awards before this. You can check out his blog to know more about him. http://zint-zombie.blogspot.com/

Any advice for artists out there?
Don’t stop learning and don’t ever give up!!!! Yeah!!!!!

Where can we find your artwork?
Instagram! Follow me, ”ail_shino”. This account is about my daily life and my drawings.

Cosplay? Well, my interest towards cosplay started since I was 15. But due to lack of money, I just started this year. By the way, I’ll be making my debut this May at a local convention. So wish me luck!!

Oh one more thing. Right now, I’m taking an engineering course in aviation. Don’t you feel weird about it? A person that has passion towards art is taking an engineering course. Apparently my interest lies in both of engineering and art. Haha, well I just love both of them! No doubt about it! ^^

Other facts than that is I’d prefer anime rather than manga although both of them are connected each other. Oh and right now I’m learning on how to colour on Youtube.


Event : C2AGE RAVE
Venue: HELP College of Arts and Technology
Date: 10-11 May 2014
It was held for 2 days but I only went there at day 1 with my seniors. The event more like.. cosplayer gathering for me. But you also can see many booths were opened. I changed my costume at the convention but most of the cosplayers tend to wear the costume from home. Its depends on the cosplayers.
Since it was my first time cosplaying, so I felt awkward when people wanted to take pictures with me. Ahh you just have no idea how I felt at that time! Haha… But it was really fun! And I managed to make friends with many people and most of them are cosplayers. They (the ‘senior’ cosplayer) also taught me how to improve my make-up and wig. Yeah I know mine was horrible since I have no experience to work with those things. Haha..
So it was really fun! Serious talk! I hope I can go to the event like that next time.


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