#GoDoFly presents Ally Gagliardo

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We are proud to present Ally Gagliardo.

She is  19 years old and a ECU Pirate Freshman. She is an Interior Design Major with a business minor. Being born and raised in North Carolina, she loves Netflix, is a perfectionist and loves to organize. Her #GoDoFly story is her coming out story.  It was a rollercoaster of a emotions and now, she can proudly say that she has been dating her girlfriend for 3 years, this upcoming November. We added a small piece of her story and there is a direct link to it further down.

She loves to blog about anything and everything! Be sure to check her out and fall in love with the way she sees the world. She loves whatever comes her way through her blog, so stop and say hi from our behalf. She will smile and send some love your way!



1) What is your #GoDoFly story?

I had no idea I was gay. I mean once in a while I would see a girl and be like “Wow she’s really hot.” I have had at least 15 boyfriends. Grated, none lasted over two months. Many didn’t last over two weeks. Still, I had legitimate  crushes on guys. There was this one guy I swore I was in love with. He promised me when I turned 18 we would move to California. The last guy I was interested in before I “turned” gay is actually one of Kayla’s best friends. I really really liked this guy but he continued to screw me over for better girls.

So basically I had no clue. Or in the back of my mind I did, but I was trying to cover it up with like a thousand boyfriends. I honestly don’t even know. But in Spring of 2011, I met Kayla. We were on the same softball team. (So cliche right? Don’t all lesbians meet on the same softball team?) We were pretty good friends. I had one of my best friends on my team, but for some reason, I tended to draw more towards Kayla. She was absolutely hilarious. Except for this one practice where she kept screaming something annoying and the first words I ever said to her were “SHUT UP KAYLA” and I swear I was so scared she was going to beat me up.

We continued to get closer. She would play third base and I was her back up in left field. And every play she would say “back me up Ally”, like it was going to change from the last play. I felt myself kind of get butterflies when we would talk. But I didn’t even think anything of it. After all, I was still super obsessed with her best friend at the time (I didn’t really know they were that good of friends until later that summer. I’ll explain)

Fast forward to the last game of the season, and evidently of our softball careers, and I had just come in from batting and I had reserved my spot on the bench with my water bottle and mitt, but she moved them and sat in my spot and made me sit on the floor. I was literally terrified of her so I let her do it.

So we had sort of communicated on Facebook a little bit. Some comments, likes and I think she posted a video to my wall at some point of something totally stupid. One day (May 31st at 6:53 pm to be exact) I messaged her on Facebook and said “Kayla FREAKING Morse” and she said “ALLY freaking GAGLIARDO” and we talked about how both of our last names are weird.

Kayla posted a status one day that said “If you aren’t texting me then what are you doing?” with her number, so I texted her. And that was the turning point in our relationship. I don’t know what would have happened if she didn’t post that stupid status and I didn’t work up the nerve to text her. God I was nervous. I had an idea that she was gay, but I didn’t want to be. I didn’t want her to like me. I was TERRIFIED. So she sent me one of these “:)” in a text and I literally told her not to do that because I was scared she was flirting with me!

After that, we literally did not stop texting. Literally ever…

2) What did you feel when you came out to Kayla? And your family?

I wasn’t really nervous or scared to come out to Kayla, because she had come out to me first, so I knew she would, obviously, be accepting. I was nervous coming out to my family because they’re Christians and they’ve always had a set image of what I was going to grow up to be. I was so nervous I actually almost got sick, lol. But I felt the need to tell them because I felt so strongly about Kayla.

3) What makes you proud to be who you are? 

Wow, this is a good question. I’ve been told that by not only coming out so young, but also being so outgoing, honest and real, a lot of people have told me that I’ve helped them. I’m just a really honest and real person, and I don’t think I would be happy being anything/anyone else.


4) Why did you choose “Pretty Little Lesbian” as your blog name?

Weird but honestly, I really like Pretty Little Liars so I kind of adapted it to my style and personal preferences!

5) Do you feel that it is necessary to “come out”? In other words, do we still have to tell our friends and family, instead of just introducing them to our boyfriend/girlfriend straight away?

I feel this is completely up to you. In my case, both my family and I knew Kayla before we started dating, and I wasn’t out. So I personally felt the need to tell my family and my close friends. Other than that, I just introduce her as my girlfriend to people I met now-a-days.

6) What are a few words of advice for those who want to come out? 

I say just do it. People are going to have different reactions and that’s okay. You will have people beside you supporting you, but you will also get negative reactions. Be prepared but keep your head held high because you’re worth it!


Ally Gagliardo
Preppy Little Lesbian

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Hey guys, I’m Ally Gagliardo from Preppy Little Lesbian! I’m ending my Freshman year at East Carolina as a Interior Design Major. Feel free to check out my blog, I promise there is a little something for everyone 🙂


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