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Today we have a double feature of Chelsea Koteles! She is an amazing woman filled with everyday struggles and constant self-body put me downs. Yet that doesn’t stop her. As she invest time in herself and moves forward each and every day, she cuts loose whatever she had in the past to overcome anorexia and more.
It is a true blessing to see people of all ages overcome such a hard reality. This one hits close to heart and with all this said and done, we want you to see that people like you and me, are able to get over it. One day at a time.
Check out this interview and her full story too!
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1) How do you define yourself?
 I would define myself as a fighter. No matter what life throws at me I have my fists up in the air and I am ready to take down whatever challenge it may be.
2) What is your #GoDoFly story?
My story is my daily struggles of life. Living with an eating disorder is not an easy lifestyle and it has become the center of everything I do. Trying to break from the shackles of anorexia is what I am working towards. I want to see the beauty that I possess. Everything in my life is a constant struggle since eating disorders often bring on depression. Having no motivation to do anything makes day to day life a drag, I hardly have enough energy to yawn. Each day presents a new challenge and I manage to push myself right into the next one.
3) How did you get through the tough times? What inspires you?
In the back of my mind I still know that the old me is there. Somewhere there is a girl who is confident and I am determined to bring her back. That’s what pulls me through the tough times, that’s what keeps me going. I’m inspired by people who have gone through my troubles and are stronger than ever. I know that one day I will be like them and that’s the most inspiring thing. 
4)What gave you the courage to write about it and how do want to inspire others?
Knowing that there are other young women and men out there like me. I know that I am not the only one out there struggling out there with this disorder. I want people to read my posts and know that they do not have to go at it alone. That they have an entire community of supporters cheering their name and rooting for them. I want to inspire others by wanting to get better and supporting them along the way. 
5) How did you get help and what are you doing to better your life?
After being at war with myself for so long and knowing that I wanted to get better I began finding a therapist. It took a good while before I found someone that I was comfortable with, but I am happy I took the time. Knowing that I have someone who I can tell anything to and not be judged is a great tool to have in the road to recovery. I have changed my diet around quite a bit. Since I am not use to eating a whole lot, I have to ease back into eating if you will. I eat a healthy diet of mostly organic and I make sure I have all the nutrients my body needs for the day. I still feel the guilt after I eat and I do have days where I still don’t at all. Each day is a battle, but I know that I am on the right path and know that I will recover soon. 
6) Can we look forward hearing more from you in the future?
Absolutely! Writing has always been a passion of mine and it is truly the best way to get my voice heard. 
7) Any other advice you want to give us?
Challenges are temporary, they are only there as long as you allow them to be. Be strong, be fierce and take down each challenge one at a time. 

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