#GoDoFly presents Chris Arechaederra

Hello wonderful #GoDoFly Lovers!
How are you loving the Summer? Are you all flying high and reaching your dreams? Let us know!
Today, we have Chris Arechaederra, one of our long time followers and best of all, blogger- friend! We adore what he writes and he happily wanted to be involved with us in #GoDoFly. It is an honor to have him share a few of his wise words. We will be seeing more from him! As you know by now, details are down below and a ton of great crazy pictures he wanted to share with us! Let´s do this!
Last summer I had a big realization about the path I was heading down in my life. I had just graduated college, had a great job, a great person to live out my life with, I had everything. And then I lost everything. I had a choice whether or not to change my life completely or keep going on the path I was going on and continue to blame everybody else for my bad luck in life. I learned a lot about myself and about my character, and chose to use it to turn my life around.
Studying journalism throughout college, I knew that there was so much negativity in this world, and we were focusing on it. Everybody is critiqued and criticized only by their mistakes, instead of their strengths. I started a blog a short time after and decided to only write about things that are relevant to everybody. Everybody talks, everybody thinks, everybody breathes. We all have a life here on earth, but it’s always going to be up to the individual on how to live it. That’s why I started encouraging others to live their lives to the fullest.
The people around us are the ones that make us. They’re important to us, and we’re important to them as well. We help each other out and encourage each other in our own kinds of ways. But it’s important to surround yourself with the right people too. We all want to live happy lives, we just need to find the right people to live them with.
I see #GoDoFly as an opportunity to make choices. Choices that are going to be great both for the present, and also the future of us. It’s an opportunity for us to learn and listen from other people in this world, and a chance for us to share about our journeys and trials in our own lives. Everybody has a story to tell, a unique one too. We all seek happiness, and we can all achieve it together. There’s that common phrase we all say, “Misery loves company.” Well, so does happiness.
Go be happy, do what makes you happy, and fly with that happiness high. 
My name is Chris Arechaederra, and I’m a writer. I live in San Diego, California, and I spread words of love whenever I can. I live my life in the hope of making a difference through the words I share with others in my community.  I love to learn, listen and be with others within it whenever I can. When I’m not writing for others, I like to travel and experience other places in this beautiful place we call home. I’m currently working on my first novel, set to debut later this summer. Make sure to reach out to me, because I want to hear and learn from you too!
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