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We are here extra excited and even more so proud to present HeadFunder. They are the next big thing in crowdfunding. With their new and innovate platform they are looking to unite people in a positive way to change the world. They are just the crowd we are looking for here at The Always Believer.

Since they contacted us a few months ago, we have been following them on every social media there is. We registered to their VIP list as we wait for them to take-off big time. We are honored that they spent a few minutes talking to us, doing it with a big smile on their face and of course, happy to help us spread more positive vibes into this world.

We can’t wait until they go live and are ready to show the world what they got, a whole new way of crowdfunding!

Check them out in the following link:

Website: www.headfunder.com

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1) How and when did you come up with the idea of HeadFunder?
The idea of HeadFunder came to us while we were sitting in my garage. My partner Chris and I love the crowdfunding industry and wondered how we could be a part of it. We were confused about how other crowdfunding platforms became the leaders in the industry. Then it hit us! We realized that they just went for it! They stopped talking about what they were going to do and actually put it into action. So that’s what we did and here we are!
2) When was that precise moment that you decided to let go of everything and go after your dream?
We both came to the realization very fast that we could not work a 9-5 and create Headfunder after seeing how much time we needed for this platform. In order to create HeadFunder, we were going to have to invest our 24 hours solely on our dream. We called each other up and quit our jobs about 8 months ago and have invested everything we had into making this platform the best crowdfunding platform on the planet!
3) What is one of the biggest struggles about making this idea happen?
One of the biggest struggles for us is time. We have so many great ideas and love HeadFunder so much, we wish there were 100 hours in a day so we could get our site to level we want it to be at! 

4) What keeps you motivated and on top of things in the big sea of social media?
Our motivation comes from the excitement of creating something by hand that can connect and change the world in such a positive way! We realize that there is competition out there, but we’re not scared. HeadFunder is paving a new path for crowdfunding and social media is one of the most important aspects that these other crowdfunding platforms aren’t taking as seriously as we are. We were born with social media so we are experts in that field! 

5) How did you start spreading the word and create that self-made publicity for yourselves? Because right about now, even without opening, you are already getting a big buzz.
We actually kept HeadFunder a secret from friends and family until we were sure that we were ready to launch. We didn’t want to create a hype and not deliver, which happens with a lot of ideas. Once we were sure that things were ready to go we started marketing on social media about 6 weeks ago and now we have a huge following. Our supporters mean everything to us! We wouldn’t be here without them.
6) What sets you apart and why should people come to you?
We have many feature that set us apart from the competition. One feature is that our platform has some of the lowest fees in the industry! For all or nothing campaigns we charge the campaign creators a flat fee of only 2%. Flexible campaigns are charged a flat fee of 4%.
We also have combined social media with crowdfunding. On our platform users will be able to have a following, follow other users, view an activity stream, private message their followers, and much more. We feel that combining these two industries will lead to more viral campaigns through our platform!
Another feature that we are proud of is The Magic Box. The magic box is how HeadFunder and our users work together to change the world. Each month we choose some campaigns that we believe are spreading positivity throughout the world. The users of our site vote on where they believe 10% of our earned money goes to. This gives the power back to the people to help make change! 

These are just some of our features on HeadFunder! To check them all out, make sure to sign up for the VIP launch to get your VIP link!
7) I bet you have big plans for the future! Can you tell any of them?
We do have some big plans in store! We feel that crowdfunding is going to make up at least 15% of all online business in the years to come. This will lead to more jobs and more products being sold online. That being said we can’t publish our plans yet because we want to make sure we deliver before we promise anything to our supporters. So you’ll just have to wait and see what is in store for HeadFunder! 

8) Any other advice for those people who want to live out their dreams?
Our advice to everyone reading this is that if you have a dream, just go for it! Anything is possible in this amazing world we live on and your time is the most valuable asset you have. If you spend all your time doing something that doesn’t make you happy just because you are betting that you’ll be able to do what makes you happy in the future, it probably won’t end up how you planned it. The right time to go after your dreams is now! HeadFunder is living proof that if you put your mind to it, you can make anything happen!




Check them out in the following links:

Website: www.headfunder.com

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/HeadFunder

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/headfunder/

Instagram:   http://instagram.com/headfunder

Facebook: www.facebook.com/headfunder

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Headfundercrowdfunding/posts

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