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Hello lovely ones!

Another fresh #GoDoFly Wednesday!

As we keep on preparing great interviews, today we set up a quick short ones. Throughout the past weeks, we have talked to children from all over the world. We wanted them to be our inspiration today with #GoDoFly.

Check out some Q&A!

1) What is your biggest struggle?

My biggest struggle is getting my mom to pack what I want the most in my lunch. She says I have to eat balanced but all I want is chips!-Max,age 8

The biggest struggle is to get up on time. I love to sleep and in the mornings, the snooze button is not my best friend. I don’t know what I am a going to do in the future. – Lisa, age 13

I struggle with the alphabet, I just keep practicing. – Molly, age 4

For me, the biggest pain is my whenever I play sports. I like to win, beat myself each day, so when I don’t, I get mad at myself. – Oscar, age 10

2) How do you see your future?

Anywhere with my family. I want to be with people I love.- Carla, age 9

I want to go to the moon. I want to travel. I want to see the world. Matt, age 6

I see building houses for homeless people, changing the world, being close to people and knowing how to be the change. – Juan, age 12

Let’s see, I just see it happen when I get there. – Rudy, age 15

3) What do you think about #GoDoFly?

I think it is an important thing to be a part of today. I think the world needs more reminders about the positive things in life. – Julie, age 14

It sounds like a good idea to get people together and do something useful and fun.- Eliza, age 11

I want to participate when I am older or with a powerful talks like Kid President. I think that kids like us need a voice too. – Samuel, age 9.

It should be something that everyone would want to do. John, age 13

4) How do you get motivated?

I hug mommy and see her smile. – Diego, age 3

I put in my room happy thoughts and things my friends gave to me. And decorate it my way, too. – Mia,age 14

Put on music, play games, anything that makes me smile.-David, age 8

Motivation. Is what I do every day when I get up. Smile. – Jane, age 7

5) How do you help others?

I share everything. Sharing is caring. Kayla, age 5

I talk to them and make sure they are ok. And if they need help, I ask someone big or let them know that they can talk to me. Rafael, age 10

I ask them a lot if they need help and when they do, I listen to them, I give them my dessert or we go watch something. Hannah, age 11

I make sure that my younger sister and cousins are taken care of. I get things for them, listen to them and do whatever I can. – Alex, age 14

6) What advice can you give us?

Be yourself. Everyone else is taken. – Misha, age 12

Just do what makes you happy. Like have ice cream for breakfast and pancakes for dinner. That is the dream. – Billy, age 7

Keep going, keep singing and dancing in life. – Issac, age 8

You are the best version of you. You are helping me learn to be a better person for the future. Give me a good example. – Royal, age 12

Dear #GoDoFly crew, 

We wanted to remind you that life is meant to be adored, life is meant to be enjoyed and that we were all those ages before…. in other words, let these kids be your motivation today. Let them remind you that you have come a long way and that you can accomplish what you want. And that they are also part of #GoDoFly, because they are our future, because we can give them the best of ourselves, because we are able to share so much.

Let us all help one another. Stay tuned for more powertalks and interviews. Let the sun shine through!

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The Always Believer



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