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Today, for #GoDoFly, we have one very special guest, Kristy Mauna. She is a constant light to read, a true inspiration and best of all, a great blogger friend. I came across her page, simply just because…. one click over to her page and I was instantly in love. We started sharing comments, likes and better yet, discovered things we had in common.
I was completely drawn in by her story, by her charisma and her honesty. So, without a doubt in mind, I asked her if she wanted to collaborate with #GoDoFly. And she said yes! She´s been a constant part of it. (In fact, you have all her links down below) I am thrilled to have her spirit and her words across my page too. Please, check her out. She is up to amazing things and wonderful deep thoughts.
The Always Believer
1) How did you come up with your blog name?
I wish there was something special behind the name of my blog, Simply Nicollette, but there isn’t. My middle name is Nicollette, and when I was thinking of names for my blog – I just loved how Simply Nicollette sounded. I wanted my blog to be a complete reflection of who I am – the things I love, my hopes, dreams, everything – so the name reflects that it’s just simply me.
2) What is your #GoDoFly story? ( I will add on a bit of your story and then add the link to your page for them to read more) 
Growing up – I thought my feelings were those of a normal teenager. I thought that having a feeling inside of you that never left – and that constantly made you hurt – was normal. So – I did whatever I could to ease this pain I was feeling, and my life was full of never being at home, alcohol, drugs, and a lot of nights I couldn’t remember.. None of these things really helped because the next day I still had that feeling inside of me that just hurt – there is no more explaining it than that.. It just hurt. Everyday hurt. I was surrounded by hundreds of people and living what looked like a very happy life – but I felt completely alone and different. As I grew up – I started to realize that this pain wasn’t just because I was a regular teenager experiencing new emotions.. These feelings were something more. The pain would go to bed with me and wake up right next to me in the morning. I was miserable – All I wanted was to feel happy again, not sad and lonely. I was 24 years old when I finally spoke up. I was 24 years old when I finally realized that I suffer from anxiety/depression. It was incredibly tough speaking up and feeling judged by a doctor who doesn’t know me – and who’s asking me all these personal questions – but the feeling of relief made it all worth it. Everyday is a struggle. There is a new challenge everyday – and it’s tough.. but if there is one thing I have learned from speaking up and getting help it’s that I’m the one in charge – not my illness.
3)  What has been your biggest accomplishment as a young mother of three?
If someone was to tell the 16 year old me that the mistakes I was making at the time would look so little compare to the the mistakes I would make in my 20s – I would have laughed at them. I’ve made so many mistakes, and it’s been a struggle since the day I had my oldest daughter. It’s been incredibly tough, scary, and lonely being a young mother – but I’m still here. I’m 25 with 3 happy and healthy children, and that is my biggest accomplishment yet – surviving life.
4) What words of advice can you give to someone who has gone through something similar?
I wish I had more advice to give to young mothers out there, but I’m still trying to figure out how to be a mom everyday. But – If there is one thing I could tell that young mom who has a little one to take care of, it would be to never take your own problems out on your child. The reason why my children are as happy as they are right now is because I bear my own sadness and consequences for my mistakes, so that they don’t see it or feel any of it. Stay strong so your children see that and become that.
5) What/who inspires you every day?
There is not just one person who inspires me.. Everyone in my life inspires me in a certain way. The thing I love about our world is all our differences and that inspires me – There are moments where my mother can inspire me or moments where my friend’s strength on a tough day can inspire me. I’m surrounded by inspiration through other people, and I feel incredibly lucky.
6) When things get tough, how do you find your balance again?
My tough days usually last about a week long – It takes me a couple of those days to realize that this is not life.. After my realization of being in a ‘slump’ there are many things that I do to help me find myself again. I find it important to just relax and surround myself around the things that I love – my family, books, writing – and just take time to pull myself up again. On the really tough days, well I can’t explain what it is I do to help find balance again because we all have different struggles – but I never lose hope, never.
7) In the future, what do you want your children to know about your life journey?
When my children are older, and are able to understand all the tough things that life can throw at us – that is when I plan on telling them of my own struggles with anxiety/depression. I hope they never have to struggle with their own demons – but I need to help them understand the reality of mental illnesses and never judge other people for their struggles. And – If they ever do struggle.. I hope they are never afraid of ‘feeling different’ or scared of their feelings, and always feel safe discussing tough topics with me.
8) What is your favorite moment of the day?
The end of the day – especially on tough days. The feeling of finally laying down in bed and realizing that I got through today – I did it – and my family is here, safe with me, is the best feeling in the world.

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My Fear of Letting Go


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