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We are proud to present: Olivia DeFilippo

Olivia DeFilippo is a power girl, she is a nursing student at James Madison University, president of her sorority, Alpha Sigma Tau and runs her own page. She can do it all! She loves getting dressed in whatever she likes, being enthusiast about anything in life and much like us, obsessed with inspirational quotes and anything that involves positive vibes.

The moment we found her, we had to contact her right away. And as soon as she did, it was only positive vibes and happy thoughts. We invite you along to check her and her blog out, any day a week, and she will sure boost your confidence and put a smile on your face. In this week’s #GoDoFly story, we learn more about her and what she loves to do. Check out her links below and let her know you found her here!



How did you choose your blog name? Tell us how you started.

One of my sorority sisters has a fashion blog and she interviewed me one day for College Fashionista. I had so much fun taking the photos with her that I decided I wanted to create a blog of my own. I casually mentioned it to my sister and boyfriend who encouraged me to get started. My sister and I sat on the couch debating what we should call it. I really wanted something with my name in it but Olivia seemed really difficult. Everyone calls me Liv and I am obsessed with Leopard print so Liv Laugh & Love Leopard seemed to fit me really well.

What is your favorite thing about being the president of your sorority, Alpha Sigma Tau?

There are so many amazing things about being President of my sorority. I am someone who is very passionate about inspiring others. As President many people come to me for advice, support or questions. I love being there 24/7 for the members of my organization. I am constantly trying to uplift my members by sharing positive quotes at chapter. Getting those few emails or text messages from people saying that I have made their day or that I am the reason they have stayed in this organization makes my heart truly happy.

What is the hardest part about it? And how do you keep a balance of it all?

The hardest part about being President is realizing that it is impossible to make everyone happy. Having 200 sisters and an advisory board to keep happy is extremely difficult. There are times when hard decisions are made and the angry emails start filling my inbox. As a people-pleaser this is extremely difficult because all I want is rainbows and sunshine for everyone.

Keeping balance of it all is still an ongoing juggling act. Between nursing school, being president and having a life & style blog I am constantly doing something. Being passionate about every task makes it all easier. If you have a positive mindset about studying and answering emails it wont seem like a chore and you can do it all day long. Time management is also really important. You must stay on top of everything. If something comes up that will take less than 5 minutes, do it right away, don’t wait until later.

What is your favorite inspirational quote?

It’s impossible to lead a positive life with a negative mind and it’s impossible to have a bad day if you’re dressed well.”

What keeps you motivated on an off day?

I am a very A type personality so scratching things off my to-do list keeps me motivated. I love feeling productive. Crossing things off my planner at the end of the day makes me feel so good.

What do you love writing about the most?

This is a hard one. When I am passionate about something I could write for hours. Writing my Wisdom of the Week posts is always super fun because they are based on things that I have learned and truly believe in. I love sharing my wisdom and inspiration with others! Also, I love writing my outfit posts. I am passionate about clothing and love my closet so it is super fun to share my favorite articles of clothing with everyone!


Olivia DeFilippo

Liv Laugh & Love Leopard


My name is Olivia DeFilippo and I am a life & style blogger at Liv Laugh & Love Leopard. I blog about my experiences as sorority president, inspirational words of wisdom, my favorite beauty products and my #ootd. Liv Laugh & Love Leopard has become my outlet and a way to inspire readers like you.


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