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Here are at another wonderful Wednesday, hitting past mid August! And today for #GoDoFly, we have Pauline from Lovely Lyfestyle. She started her page because she wanted a life change. No more weeks of copy/paste and of all work and no play. She decided to go off for a change in her world. That’s when she started blogging and opened up her doors to a brand new world, the world of blogging that she now loves.

Check out her links below and be sure to let her know that you met her here! She always loves talking to new people!

This #GoDoFly story is all about taking the first step. Whenever you don’t like something in your life, whenever you feel like you need to make a change, be brave and take the step. From small to big, from life changing to a new activity, anything counts to help  make your life more positive and live the way you want it.

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Why did you choose your blog name?

I chose the name “Lovely Lyfestyle” because my close friends and family call me “Lovely”, it’s my nickname and I’m a lifestyle blogger. It’s simple,short and easy to remember. I change the spelling of the word “lifestyle” to “lyfestyle” with the “Y” because the name was already taken.

How did you get started in blogging and what are you goals with your page?

I started blogging in October of 2014 when I decided I needed a change in my life and my career. It felt like my life was kind of monotone (always work and no social life) and I want to change that. My goals are meeting new friends,explore,learn new things and inspire others.

How do you stay motivated in general?

I’m always curious about things especially when it’s in my field of interest then I start searching it on the net or read books,magazines or blogs about it. It keeps me motivated and learn new things.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Hmmm… This is a tough one. I don’t really have a specific one but people who are brave to live their dreams and help change the world inspire me a lot.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

The community. I love the blogging community! They are always there to support and help you whether you’re a newbie blogger or a pro. And you also get to meet new friends.

Any other tips or thoughts for other bloggers out there?

Never give up on your dreams and be patient. Things don’t just happen overnight.Just Keep doing what you love,have fun and all your hard work pays off over time.



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