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Today for #GoDoFly, we have Bree Sprual from Banana Sundays PowerTalk! She talks to us a bit about her journey through becoming the athlete she is today. Her pep talk is short and very sweet. She wants all of us to #GoDoFly to the best of our abilities. No matter how hard the start is, it will be worth it. Challenge yourself every moment!

Her site is to motivate and inspire you to be the healthiest and best you can. Check out her links below and let her know you found her here! Keep spreading that love, Team Flyer!


To say that I have come a long way in my health and fitness journey would be an understatement. I am not an avid athlete and the ability to do well in physical activities did not come natural to me. I am not going to be a track star or bending it like Beckham and my hand eye coordination is probably at a staggering “zero.”

My journey was not easy. When I first started getting back into shape I was heavy into cardio and every minute of the first couple of months running was hard. I’m talking hyperventilating, sweating out of my eyeballs, and feeling like I could very well puke or die right there on the sidewalk. Like all things, all it took was time and a lot of practice.

In 5 months I had worked up enough stamina to easily run and eventually really began to enjoy it. I am more proud of myself than I have ever been and sticking with this journey has opened more doors than I ever thought even possible. I recently became an affiliate for Cellucor, which has been my favorite workout brand since I’ve started and I’ve even begun training for my very first NPC Bikini Competition.

Like I said before, my beginning was not easy but anything worth having never is easy and no matter how hard it was I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I encourage you all to do something courageous and outside of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself and you will be surprised at just how much you can accomplish! Go, Do, FLY!

Bree Sprual


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