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Today, we have a Powertalk given to us by the amazing Chris Arechaederra. We have worked together before and will continue to do so since he is a wonderful writer that fills any page up with positivity and happy thoughts. Be sure to check him out in any of the links set below.

Saying Yes…

If you’re reading this right now, you are obviously living and breathing. Honestly, that’s all that we need in order to live our lives to the fullest. Those are the only requirements needed to go out and make this world we live in better. Those are also the only things you need to make your life even better. Sadly, bad things do exist in this place, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t challenge them and go do our thing anyways.
The past couple of years, I’ve noticed my happiness, health, and overall character improve dramatically. What’s the difference you might ask? I started saying “Yes” a lot more often. I started saying YES to the opportunities that were presented to me. I said YES to travelling more, which is something I absolutely love to do. I started saying YES to working harder so that one day I can run my own business someday (and I have since then). I said YES to new friendships and said YES in re-building old ones. 
To this day, I’m still shocked at how different my life is right now, as opposed to what it was like not even 2 or 3 years ago. I’ve been able to meet some awesome people along the way, and all of them have had a lot to do with where I am today. I’ve also had some amazing experiences and some crazy opportunities come my way as well. 
See, my mindset isn’t about what brings me down, or what hardship am I facing today. It’s more along the lines of what can I accomplish today, or even simpler than that, like since it’s beautiful outside, I think I’ll spend the day outside and write because I should relax a little bit. Yes, some people closest to me think I might be a little crazy, or even all over the place with all of my commitments. But who cares? I’m only doing what I want to do with my life. 
It doesn’t matter about which cards you have been dealt in your life, or about what struggles you find yourself in. It’s about how can you make it even better. Sure, it might be easier to mope around your home, and complain about where you are in your life compared to the next guy. But complaining is kind of like a rocking chair, it only gives you something to do, and doesn’t get you anywhere. 
Say YES a little more often. Say YES to those big commitments and opportunities. Say YES to going out and experiencing something new. Say YES to your own happiness, regardless of the circumstances. 
Chris Arechaederra
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Chris is a writer from San Diego, California who hopes to make a difference in this world. Love is a constant theme he lives by every day and he tries to spread it to whoever he can. He’s a writer at heart who’s grateful for the opportunity to have been published in newspapers, magazines, journals, and of course, the Internet. He’s working on a fictional novel that’s due out in Summer 2015. When not writing, he enjoys reading, relaxing, and travelling to every corner of the world he can get to. You can find more writing from Chris on Glipho and his personal blog.


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