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This week at #GoDoFly we got the chance to interview Meredith Rice, from Savvi Prom Network. She is a delight to talk to as we spoke about what the network is all about.  I am pleased to say that her page rocks and works oh so well. Already shared it around to other teen friends and followers, they found Savvi Prom Network’s posts more than useful.

Be sure to check them out for your Prom needs. And if your prom has already passed, such as mine, share around to those teens who want to know the latest styles and the coolest trends. From budgeting a prom to how to impress her parents on prom night!

Welcome Savvi Prom Network!


1)What made you start Savvi Prom Network?

We wanted to create a hub for all things related to prom. That meant everything from how to fundraise for prom or what hairstyle works best with your style of prom dress. Whether you are a prom goer or planner there is something for you on Savvi Prom Network. So we started brainstorming about what we wish we could have known when we went to prom and Savvi Prom Network took off!


2) What is Savvi Prom Story about? Where can our readers find it?

Savvi Prom Story is a fictional story about a boy named Manny and how he goes about asking his crush to prom. You can find out what happens to Manny in the first episode here: Savvi Prom Story: Episode 1


3) Who are more difficult to dress, gals or guys?

Girls are always harder to dress! Everyone wants to express their individual personality. But unlike guys where they just have to throw on a tux and are ready to go, girls have a lot more elements they have to work with. For example, girls have to do their hair and makeup, as well as find the perfect shoes and figure out what to bring in their prom clutch. Not to mention finding the perfect dress! It’s a lot more work to get ready!


4) Where do you find all the cool stories from prom goers and prom planners? How can our readers reach you?

We first started brainstorming stories about topics that we wish we knew when we were going to prom. Then we started talking to prom planners and prom goers and got their input. What would they be interested in reading? What do they want to know about prom? Ultimately, it was a lot of collaboration from both sides. It’s great because we now have a ton of ideas on what people would want to read about and want answers to on all things prom!

Our readers can reach us through commenting on our official site or our commenting on our Facebook page and tweeting at us on Twitter. We love hearing from readers and getting even more ideas on what they would love to see more of!


5) Any cool piece of advice for someone going to the prom?

Everyone says it, but try not to take prom too seriously. If you spend the whole night worrying, about having the perfect night, you will end up missing all the fun. So go with the flow, if something doesn’t go as planned just laugh it off!






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