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Today for #GoDoFly we have the inspiring Shanice Singh, from Playground of Randomness. She is an English Major and has been writing since she was eight years old. When she was 14, she wrote her first novel and even though it wasn’t published, she kept writing. Eventually getting an internship at a local teen magazine, she began writing articles and interviews.

She is working as community moderator in Her Campus Blogger Network. As well as writing online articles and posts on odd novel/poem/fan-fic. Being from the cool South Africa, she is a great addition to #GoDoFly. She shares her back story on her web page and inspiration. Be sure to check her out in the links below and let her know you spotted her here!


1) How did you come up with your web page name?
I couldn’t decide on a niche and I knew that my attention span was too short to simply pick one topic and stick to it. People always told me I was random so I knew I wanted the word in my blog title. I also knew I wanted my blog to be fun and playful. Playground of Randomness met those requirements. It was a happy accident and I’ve never looked back.

2) What made you want to continue writing after all these years? What is your inspiration?
It’s crazy but I feel really strongly about honoring my ‘inner child’. I’ve known since I was eight that I wanted to write and I try as much as possible to continue that. I haven’t written as much as I want to lately but I definitely wouldn’t stop writing completely.
I’ve also had lots of criticism about writing(“you’re wasting your time”, “you’re never going to live the life you keep dreaming” which just makes me want to prove everyone wrong(I like being right).

3) How is it like living in South Africa? Can you tell us a little bit about it?
I love it! It’s really beautiful. I live in an especially beautiful city close to the beach called Durban. I think my favorite part of SA is the great weather, being close to the beach and that there’s a 90% chance I’m going to see a monkey every day.

4) What is one of the best career advice you can give to our readers?
If you can dream it, you can do it. Believe in yourself. No one would do anything out of the ordinary if they simply followed the crowd.

5) Apart from your page, where else can we find you?
In my bed, sleeping. Or watching tv. Seriously though, I’m almost always on Twitter (@Shanny_Singh123) though I usually tweet about places with bad service. Fanfiction.net is another place you can find me.

6) To spread the love for new found writers and cool networks, tell us your experience with Her Campus!
HC has been so amazing! I first came across it in 2012 when I had been going through a difficult personal crisis. I went through a really hectic writer’s block and joining HC as a high school ambassador was the closest thing I came to writing. After that, I joined the Her Campus Blogger Network and never looked back! Her Campus has great content but I especially love that they got me back to writing.

7) Any other advice you want to give us?
Just do it- whatever it is that you want to do, whether you think you’ll fail or succeed, go ahead and try it. There’s so many opportunities I never thought I would receive but I went ahead and applied anyway. That being said, rejection is always a possibility but its not the end of the world. I’ve had two novels and countless writing applications rejected but that’s never stopped me from writing.

Shanice Singh

Playground of Randomness

Read what she has to say about The Always Believer!

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