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Today we have the wonderful and down-to-earth Taylor Lanier for  #GoDoFly.  She loves to help people as much as she can, plus has a great fashion sense while doing so.  She takes us on her journey of writing, make-up, digital world and much more. Her passion is to inspire others with her words and create a spot for the us to hang with friends.

Grab her links below, send her our love and be sure to stay in touch with her, since she will continue to achieve incredible things.

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How did you come up with the name Dear Friends?

What is your #GoDoFly story?

I started writing “Dear Friends” because I wanted a creative outlet. I wanted a place that I can write freely and as often as I want. I’ve watched people on YouTube talk about beauty products for years – and while I would love to create content on YouTube – I don’t feel as comfortable getting in front of the camera myself. So, this is my way of sharing my opinions on things while having the awesome ability to connect and inspire others in their daily lives as well.

I’ve really enjoyed the friendships that I have made through this blogging commonality. Like, just this past week I have connected really became good friends with a fellow blogger from all the way in Australia. Like what?! I would’ve never made this friend if it wasn’t through the blogging community and I can’t wait to build even more friendships. I know for a fact that these friendships are going to last a long time.
Who or what inspires you?

Anyone who considers themselves a success story. I love hearing people’s success stories. Whether it be getting their driver’s license, receiving a black belt in karate class, travelling to your dream vacation for a week, reaching 2,000 views on your blog, (I threw that in there because I finally hit that statistic this week and I’m super proud…haha).

If it’s a success to you, it’s a success to me. And anyone who succeeds in what they are trying to accomplish is an inspiration to me.

What is one of your favorite quotes/song lyrics and why?

“If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you’re right.”

You’ve got to believe in yourself. If you put your mind to something and you are determined to succeed and accomplish that thing, you will. If you go into it thinking about how much you’re going to fail, you will. Because you’re so focused on that negative aspect and thinking about how bad you will be at it. Believe in yourself. You can do anything when you set yourself up for accomplishment.

What are your beauty must haves and outfits that are a hit in any occasion?

OOOOH! Beauty must haves! One of my favorite topics. haha. I’m a sucker (no pun intended) for lippies. They are one of my favorite parts of my beauty routine. I’m really into the NYX Butter Lipsticks right now for the Spring/Summer. They aren’t too heavy on the lips and they keep your lips hydrated but still give you great color. Also, you need a good mascara. And by “good” I don’t mean expensive. Mascara is going to help you look more wide awake! My all-time favorite is the one from the brand Essence. It’s the I Heart Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara. It’s in a huge hot pink tube with black letters. They also have another version that’s switched around – huge black tube with hot pink letters – although, I’m not sure what is the difference between the two. Also, those mascaras are super cheap. They run less than $5 at my local Ulta store.

As for fashion, I’m not the biggest clothes person. I would much rather spend my money on makeup and beauty products! ha! But to answer your question, I’m a jeggings/leggings girl. If I can find a way to incorporate jeggings/leggings into an outfit with the appropriate length top, that’s my go-to outfit. I could wear jeggings all day, everyday.

Any piece of advice for those going through a rough time?

You’re going to get through it, just be patient. I promise, you will come out better after the fact. You just need to get through it first. Just like the Six Million Dollar Man.

“…[you] have the technology…[you] will be that [wo]man. Better than [you were] before. Better…stronger…faster.”

You just need to ride the waves until you get there.




Hey guys! My name is Taylor and I blog over on Dear Friends.  I have a passion for all things digital. And makeup. And I quite enjoy writing so it’s a match made in Heaven. I’m really excited to embark on this writing journey and I’m hoping that my dear friends would love to accompany me. So, sit back, grab a cup of coffee. And let’s enjoy our dear friends.


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