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Here we are to present to you the first on the Wonderful Team Leadership Award list! For more info – http://thealwaysbeliever.com/wonderful-team-readership-award/

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My life changed

My life changed the day I picked up my first book many moons ago.

It changed again when I went to school, left school, found myself in an apprenticeship.

My first love, my first heartbreak, the first boyfriend; the first time I got drunk.

The day I nearly died, the day I survived.

Memories I cannot recall. Friends lost and found.

The first paycheque, the first job.

So many changes in my life and I have not even hit the twenties yet. But to list all the other firsts after would bore you and me so I just will not carry on like a pork chop.

So many things that occurring for the first time, sometimes the second or third time that can change life.

The one thing that doesn’t change is change itself. It is the only constant in life. And don’t I just love it. Bring it on.

By: Katbaroo

More here: http://glipho.com/katbaroo

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