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Here we are to present to you the second one on the Wonderful Team Leadership Award list! For more info – http://thealwaysbeliever.com/wonderful-team-readership-award/

It is a brief post on how books take you on the unexpected. We want to motivate you to read and let us know your favorites!

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When Fictional Characters Take Control

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Having spent a lovely morning out, eating breakfast, chatting and drinking sensational fruit drinks, I was now home, behind my desk, writing my latest novel.

About this time I became somewhat conflicted between rubbing my hands gleefully at a truly horrible but brilliant idea or bursting into tears because of the aforementioned horror when the unexpected happened.

I was jotting down the concept, having mulled it over and decided this was the best course for my character when suddenly he takes the wheel. Startled I let him drive for a bit, truly baffled as to where this was going, since well let’s face it I thought I’d just done the unspeakable to him. Apparently this was not his destiny and in doing so my eyes continued to widen in disbelief at the picture presented to me. Genius, I thought to myself, my character is a freaking genius.

I love that in a heartbeat a character can break away from the box that I’ve written for them, and take control, mapping out a different, and completely unforeseen route.

It’s in these moments that characters become larger than the pages they’re confined too. For a period of time they become real, and in doing so allow me to tell their story. It’s an honor to do so as a writer, and I can only hope to give them the justice they deserve.

Hats off to my character. Well played my friend, well played.

By: Amy Cate  – http://glipho.com/always-summer



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