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It is a post that talks all about letting go, little ones included! How do you feel about letting go of your kids?

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My Fear of Letting Go…

As the days passed by and the words ‘Enroll Arielle in Kindergarten’ stayed on my to-do list I continued to tell myself tomorrow I will do that. Tomorrow became next week and soon a whole month passed by, and Arielle was still not enrolled in Kindergarten.
I kept thinking it’s only February why do these people want me to enroll her already?
I should have a lot of time left before the deadline right?
Well, if I do miss the deadline she can just go next year..
I woke up one morning thinking.. What is wrong with you Kristy?
Why are you SO afraid of letting go of your daughter?
So, I finally filled out the paperwork and checked ‘Enroll Arielle in Kindergarten’ off my to-do list.
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I sat in the car for about 20 minutes before I walked into the enrollment building.. No joke.
My fears, my doubts, my worries took complete control over me.
I began to give myself a pep talk. I told myself I need to be a grown up right now, no one is going to rescue me from these silly little fears of mine.. It’s time to grow up and face this fear head on.
As I was walking into the enrollment office I felt scared and nervous.
I kept wanting to turn back.
Once I entered the building I was greeted by the nice ladies ready to help answer all my questions. My head was so full with all this information.. especially the one about my daughter being able to ride the bus.What? They can ride the bus when they are in Kindergarten? Whew.. It was overwhelming.
As I walked out my emotions were completely out of control.
I read through all the information that was given to me.. When did Kindergarten get so advanced? When I was in Kindergarten it was not this tough.
I remember play time, learning my ABC’s through puzzle solving, nap time, and recess. I don’t remember having to already know how to write my ABC’s/numbers or know all this information that is expected of these children now.
What was I going to do? Do I have enough time to prepare Arielle for this? I hope so.
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My fear of letting go of my children probably sounds so silly to most of you..
Most Mothers probably don’t let their emotions take this big of a control over them when enrolling their first born into their very first school year..
I’m just so scared of allowing them to grow up and experience the evil in the world.

My fears stem from all the stories I hear.
The stories of the child who has no friends because they are a slower learner.
This is a huge fear of mine.
It was hard for me to learn the way my daughter learns.. Arielle is a visual learner, this is the only way the information will stick in her brain. I know the teacher won’t always teach this way so thoughts of her falling behind scare me. I don’t want her to be the child who gets made fun of because she can’t process the information as fast as the other children.

The stories of bullies.
Why are children so mean these days?
I teach my children to love and be nice to every person they come across. It doesn’t matter how they look, talk, act, etc. My children are great about loving everyone and being nice to everyone they meet.
As a Mother, I think it is one of our jobs as parents to teach our children this {especially in this generation}.. but I know some parents don’t think that teaching your child to love is as big of a deal as I seem to think it is.
I remember when this little girl in Arielle’s dance class told her where to hang her bag. It wasn’t a nice or helpful tone, it was a bossy and mean tone. {Arielle likes to use the same hook every week} When she spoke to Arielle this way her Mother did nothing.. Why?  I became proud once I saw Arielle hang her bag up on that hook where she wanted to. I never want her to let people take advantage of her just because she is a lot more tiny then the rest of her classmates.

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Aaron thinks I’m being paranoid.. & I probably am.
.. but my fear of letting go isn’t easy to just let go of.

I want to protect my daughter for as long as I can.
I don’t want her to feel the pain and evil of this world we live in. I only want her to experience the good things in life.

In the end, I know though. I know that my own fears will never help her..
I don’t think I would be a good Mother if I held her back from living her life.
When I think about all the bad experiences in my life I think about how I learned from them and how they made me a better person. I need to let go of my own fears and let my daughter experience life for herself.

I am realizing that all I can do now is let go and be there for her when she needs me.
I can guide her into being a good person and living a good life, but in the end she can only become who she needs to be by experiencing her own life.
So.. really who am I to deprive her of living and loving her own life just because I’m scared?
Kristy xxo

A Little Bit Extra:
Do you have/or ever had fears about letting go of your children as they grow up? Leave me comment and let me know how you deal/dealt with it! xxo

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