#GoDoFly presents WTLA #4

Hello #GoDoFly lovers!

Here we are to present to you the fourth one on the Wonderful Team Leadership Award list! For more info – http://thealwaysbeliever.com/wonderful-team-readership-award/

It is a brief post on how we get stuck on blank pages and long-lost projects. What is your intake on this? How do you get over the bump?

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The Always Believer


Blank Pages

I am sitting here wondering, how overdue, or late is something before you decide to just forget about it as a possibility of something you will ever complete?

I am thinking about this in a general kind of way (as I look around at the stack of intended projects which I had planned to be committed to which somehow got delayed and detained) and now, later, much later I sit and wonder…

As I sit and wonder, and type, because I type just what I am thinking mostly, which has not been happening lately, and I wonder if the two are connected.  I wonder if I feel so bad about what I have not completed that I am unable to produce at all any more than a blank page staring back at me.

Not to say that I have not been productive elsewhere in my life ~ very in fact, but still the blank page repeatedly staring back at me to be left blank ~ words not flowing from my fingertips.  Challenges looked at and thought about yet nothing.

So I break this sad and bad trend as of late wondering if I can let go of what I have not  done so I can progress to more than a blank page staring back at me.  We shall see!

By: GClawdia  – http://glipho.com/gclawdia


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