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It is a post that talks all about getting older. It is a laugh, it is a heads up, it is a work of art. It is what it is. What do you think about getting older?

For us, we are birthday cake older yet we are young at heart! ūüôā

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How You Know You’re Getting Old

I woke up today and came to the conclusion I’m at official coffin dodger status. How did this happen? I always assumed one day when I’m 25 I’ll wake up and think ‘Okay, now I become a mature responsible adult’ and then slowly and gracefully age. In stead, I’m in my early twenties and someone has stolen my body and replaced it with an old persons. I have noticed a lot recently how much I struggle to find the energy to do things and I really think it’s because I’m old now. Stick a fork in me I’m done. Seriously I’ve spent the past 4 hours sat on the sofa watching batman under a blanket whilst stuffing my face. Okay I’ll admit I’m a¬†teensy weensy¬†bit hungover but still, I’m a student, coping with a hangover is second nature. However today it is not for me. I’m old. ¬†I know this for these reasons:

1. Nights in over nights out
This one is a given. I haven’t had a social life in weeks due to my lack of bank balance and my determination to power on through my dissertation. Yesterday a friend texted to see if myself and my gang were around for some celebratory drinks for her birthday. I jumping at the chance to go out and socialise with people..anyone that lived outside of my house. ¬†Honestly there are only so many conversations you can have with your dog before even he gets bored of you. There was a debate whether we should party at hers or party in a bar. I was all¬†‘Yeah lets go out and party’¬†with the rest of the gang but deep down I was praying she just wanted us to go to hers. Pheeeew luckily for me she chose hers. We had a fab night drinking cocktails and catching up…plus there was cake involved and well you know me, where there is cake there is Laura.
After ending the night with an extremely drunk game of Harry Potter Cluedo it was time to go home. I only live up the road so for me this was no effort. I was in bed by half 2 and fast asleep. Today I feel like someone tied me down with bricks. Everything is an effort. Absolutely everything. Sitting on this sofa like  slob is an effort. Pray for me people, being old is hard.
2. I can’t do Yoga
So from time to time (When I say this I mean when I actually remember) I try to practice mindfulness (an act of meditation to clear the mind). I do this because I get stressed easily which induces a horrible build up of anxiety. I decided this practice goes well with yoga however I don’t have the confidence to go out and join a yoga class…or the money for that matter. However who needs yoga classes when google exists? So there’s me doing a few yoga/meditation style moves for around 20 minutes. I have paid the consequences for this over the past 2 days. My back hurts, I can’t sit in the same position for too long (It’s made me 4 hour stint on the sofa extremely tiresome) and I feel as stiff as a plank of wood. Needless to say my adventure with yoga began and ended there. I am clearly too old for exercise…
3. Nap dependency
I’m a napper and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I swear by a 20 minute power map in the middle of the day. I only nap when I really really feel tired. This was rare. These days it’s pretty much every day. I didn’t choose the nap life, the nap life chose me.
4. Retro Music
So I’ve got to that awful stage in life where the bands and singers I grew up listening to are now classed as ‘retro’ or ‘old’ or ‘classic’. Ew. Seriously, people see the 90s as so vintage now that Topshop is fueling the hipster army on it. Horrendous. Stop. The nineties was like yesterday, I swear I’m not that old. Oh and you know what’s even worse? All my childhood bands now have the additional ‘Reunion Tour’ attached to their name. What even is that?!
5. Shootin Whiskey
So yeah I like whiskey now. My mum and dad have a whiskey every Saturday night. I always saw it as an old persons thing. I am the old person now.
6. Everyone’s getting preggers
My Facebook has become a collage of engagements and pregnancies. Seriously. I’m 21, single and about to graduate. Either I’m doing something wrong or I’m on the right path, I just don’t know anymore.
7. Back In The Day
The biggest culprit/giveaway of my elderlyness is the constant use of the phrase ‘When I was that age‘. It falls into sentences like ‘Well when I was that age I wouldn’t be dressing like that‘ or ‘When I was that age you would catch me playing with Barbie and not iPads’. I HAVE BECOME MY PARENTS.
I’m graduating into retirement. You’ll find me on a cruise ship in a bright flowery shirt and beige pants drinking gin and tonics and listening to the good old tunes of the 90s.
L.Bel xoxo

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