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Here we are to present to you the seventh one on the Wonderful Team Leadership Award list! For more info – http://thealwaysbeliever.com/wonderful-team-readership-award/

Our amazing TJ is here for our WTLA and ready to give you an even more amazing powertalk! Let´s do this!

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Stop Looking For A Hand Out And Make It Happen

Stop Looking For A Hand Out And Make It Happen

Stop Looking For A Hand Out And Make It Happen

For every dollar that I spent I swear I lost a friend. – Chamillionaire

It’s as If we live in a spoilt society, always expecting a hand out from somebody. Always expecting the world to shoot us a fat load of money when we haven’t done a damn thing to deserve it. Then being mad at the world for not handing it out on a plate. If you were raised that way then it’s more than understandable. You can’t possibly know any better.

But just know that this way of thinking Isn’t gonna get you any hand outs anytime soon. Not until you realize YOU are RESPONSIBLE for your life in every way possible. Life is what you make it.


“I hope I win the lotto this year”


And then there’s those of us with the “lotto” mentality. The type of people you’ll see outside the bookies and betting shops betting their lives away, day in day out. Hoping, begging, and praying they get lucky enough to win the lotto so they can retire happily ever after.


“My parents will take care of me”


And then there’s those of us who will successfully manipulate and guilt trip our parents for life’s necessities. Or at least try too anyway. I hate to say it but your parents wont be around forever to scratch your back and get you out of a ditch when you need it.

As I said earlier –

you’re responsible for your life and nobody else.


Stop Looking For A Hand Out And Make It Happen

Stop Looking For A Hand Out And Make It Happen


You can get mad, disagree with me, rant, or be negative about what’s been said but it’s true.

The world doesn’t owe YOU or ME anything. The world was already here before we were even born into it. So If you truly want something in life, It’s your responsibility to get out there and make it happen. Or else you’ll be waiting for a hand out until the day you’re put in your coffin.

You can either keep your hands out (like the first picture) and get zilch in return for the rest of your life. Or you can slap yourself, realize YOU’RE in total control, and do everything in your power to make it happen in a huge way.

It’s not easy or a walk in the park but who cares?

The easier it is, the less rewarding it will be.

I know which “either” I’m choosing, and that’s to do everything in my power to get the results I deserve. So If you’re coming along for the ride, I’ll see you at the top. :)


By: TJ – http://justbereal.co.uk/

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