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It is all about “Thinking outside the box”

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Thinking outside the box

When you become immersed in a particular social media platform and rely too heavily on putting all your eggs in one basket, you’ll find there will come a day when you need to think differently.  Many people find they work best on a certain social media platform, and end up concentrating so much on that one place they lose the focus for other platforms that might be better.

There are four major players in the social media platform world: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN and Google+.  Now, certainly there are dozens more and you may actually have a platform that you work best on that I didn’t list.  Please feel free to share that with us.

Each platform has its own set of rules, etiquette and comradarie. Twitter is quick, short messages that are useful for messages and discussions that can be posted in under 140 characters.  Definitely a challenge.

Facebook is for the family and younger generations who like sharing out all their private moments to the their world.  It’s a platform that has undergone a lot of changes, updates, and new rules that force us to comply or be left behind.  Kind of a difficult, yet amusing, platform that an online marketer can easily find themselves without.

LinkedIN is generally know for its professional atmosphere.  Even within the network marketing genre, the discussions are more professional and involve a deeper engagement than one sees on any of the other platforms.

Google+ is rather in the middle though still a whole lot of etiquette is involved here.  Sharing material and content from other G-plusers requires that you properly cite your source and provide links back to the original poster.  There is very little of the banter, foolishness, and drama of Facebook, thank goodness.  People are serious about their business, niche, or passion.  It’s easy to like and +1 their content.  And just as easy to provide valuable content that is appreciated by the community you are involved in.

Outside The Box

It’s a matter of what you decide to post.  Gone are the days when you can post business opportunities randomly and expect any kind of result.  After posting in over 100 groups for more than 6 months, I can tell you that advertising on Facebook in that manner is a waste of time.  If you just want to be busy and burn away a few hours a day, go for it.  Just be careful as losing your account, getting banned, or just totally ignored is highly likely.

Think outside the box.  Stop promoting outright.  Post valuable and unique content that your followers will likely engage in.  Unique and individual posts work well, as do quotes with appropriate images.  People still love quotes and motivational material.  Though this does very little for you other than maybe getting a few more likes on the photo.

If you have more engagement with your followers, as some awesome marketers do (and they’ve worked very hard to build their following), then you don’t have to post anything but intriguing and useful content.  Your followers are totally hanging on every word you write.

The best thing you can do is build, build, build.  Engage with others.  Build relationships.  Get to know each other.  Know, like and trust is the mantra of social media.  How are you doing with building your following on these platforms?

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