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Today, we proudly present Bethany Pinto. She has encountered constant abandonment and interracial issues all throughout her life. In this case, since she was born. She struggled with herself and the color of her skin throughout many years, well into adulthood.

Now, as a brave woman she is, as a loving woman she is, she tells her story. She tells her point of view and speaks out to help others in their journey. Her blog and all her writings are an inspiration to read. She speaks her mind and she speaks from her heart. As she encourages us to do the same, she often reminds us to keep going and make sure to be ourselves… and over all, be comfortable in our skin.

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Being comfortable in your own Skin

Me at 18…Full of someone else’s promise.
When I was graduating from high school, it was a joyous time. I had done it. We had done it. They had successfully raised me from childhood to adulthood and I was happy, drug-free, well-adjusted, an honors student and had travelled out of the country on my own. I could hold a (part-time) job, balance my checkbook and handle myself well in public. I was a good girl. They had trained me up right. I had the whole world ahead of me. But I was sooooooo insecure!
I was very happy because my family loved me, I got good grades, got into college and I had amazing childhood experiences. But I was not spiritually centered. And I was aware of that at 18.  I was raised Catholic but never felt a connection to the church. Something was missing…Faith. I didn’t learn to have faith and trust something beyond my own means. I didn’t have that underlying feeling of love within my heart as a “just because” kind of thing. I obeyed my parents and got their approval as long as I followed the path they clearly laid out for me. I was scared to mess up and I masked that fear by smiling and striving and fulfilling their dreams for me.
Me at 28…Letting appearances lead me.
At 28, I was happy, successful,  beautiful and healthy.  I had close friends, a fiancé and a strong family support network. I had a great social life, great clothes, a house, 2 cars and we travelled a lot. I was just focusing too much on the outward appearance of my life. The markers of   the American Dream. I needed to have a perfect wedding; never mind that my relationship needed some serious work! I needed to get ahead at the office (irrelevant that I was not in love with the work I was doing). And I needed to be the prettiest girl in the room. I remember feeling quite lonely and disconnected. I remember journaling and praying and asking for a deep, meaningful bond. Even at that happy, carefree, low responsibility time (childless, dual income) when we had a surplus of time, money and fun, I was still struggling with insecurity and seeking outside approval. Something was still missing…I was not God-centered so I did not have peace and joy. Circumstances bring you happiness but only God brings you joy!
Me at 38…An inner confidence shines through.
I wonder can you see it in my eyes? It’s always been there. Others have noted it along the way but I only found her staring back at me in the mirror recently. She’s got an electricity shining in those eyes; a secret she’d like to share. When I see her, I can tell- she knows! What her mother was trying to show her when she looked in the mirror as a child. A confidence. A strength. A connection to something greater that will lead me in the direction of my dreams. She is wisdom…
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