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Today we proudly present Jordan Silberman. She is a 16-year-old open-minded person who has already been through her fair share of rocky roads. That didn’t stop her from being herself, no matter what. Her story is powerful and not so shocking to hear in today’s world. It is a sad matter in our hands when we can’t we ourselves no matter if we are kids or old folks. She is a trooper and a happy 16-year-old for sure!

What we want to bring together with #GoDoFly is stories like this one. Stories that through heartbreak, falls and much more, we overcome and be ourselves each step of the way.

We can not be any more prouder to have Jordan Silberman with us in this project.

Have a great read and remember keep #GoDoFly ‘ing !!

The Always Believer



1) How do you define yourself?

I’m a creative thinker. I like to explore alternative solutions to problems and have an open mind about what will work best in life. I’m a naturally quiet person, but I have a loud personality.

2) What is your #GoDoFly story?

I never really know how to go about talking of story. I never know how to start it off. I makes me feel very vulnerable talking about it. My past has taken a massive dive in my life and still to this day negatively affects me.

I was always a very shy kid. I’m still a little shy, but I feel that has subsided more so since. My story is very shocking, full of disgust, and is absolutely deteriorating to me as a human. Many look at me and see a girl who looks like she is in her early twenties, but most do not know that I am just a 16 year old Transsexual. Honestly, I hate the umbrella term for us men and women who have different genitalia opposed to our gender.

Most would assume the extremely cliché statement within the Trans community: “born a girl in a boy’s body”. I say not. I was born a woman, and still am a woman. I have more female chromosomes than a regular transgender would. I actually have a complete female physique without the help of hormones. My voice is very woman-like, and I even have the bone structure of a woman. The only thing different is my genitalia, which I plan on having SRS (Sexual Reassignment Surgery) here in California.

My bullying starting in middle school. I started out with the common teasing. Teased for how you talk and what you wear. Everyone in life goes through with the common bullies. The bullying became worse and worse. My ‘friends’ tricked me into giving them my phone number when in reality it was someone else’s phone so they can taunt me via cyber bullying. Early that year of 7th grade I was hit with the unexpected, a vicious death threat. I was threatened to be stabbed, shot, and to be the victim of a murder scene. I was more so shocked that this has happened, because I thought it would never get this bad. Little did I know it got progressively worse throughout the next couple of years. Did I tell you I was dressing like a boy through 7th grade?

8th grade came, and I changed. The bullying hit me hard. So I did something about it. I went out and bought an entire wardrobe or two on women’s clothes with my mother. I came back for the New Year in a full-face of cosmetics, dressed head to toe in women’s clothes with a very expensive designer handbag. I thought that the bullying kids would be more excepting, but that was an over statement. I started to get physically assaulted. I was kicked, pushed, punched, spit on. I was nothing but trash. On the same end, I was dealing with the mortifying text messages I found of my father texting a co-worker that his “son was a queer”, and “I know right”.

I feel as though all transgender people come out as gay first. I know I did for a good year. I never came out to my father. I brought the text messages from my father up to my mother. She talked to him and he pulled me into a room separate from the house and others. He literally burst into tears and was appalled that he did such a thing because it’s not like him. My father owns a big well-known corporation in the Entertainment Industry, so he has worked with many different people for over 25 years. We have since grown extremely close to each other, and we laugh and joke about the stupidest things in life.

8th grade teachers attacked me verbally. They did not like the assertiveness my mother brought to the school’s office requesting protection of her beloved daughter. She was scared, and myself was too.

High schooled rolled around quicker than I wanted it too and the bullying presumed and I proved that the very cliché statement: “Everything gets better in high school” was false. This was the time of my life where I was having legal authority take over my bullying situation. I was pulled around corners to be beaten, kicked in the head and the face without anyone around. I have the heard and much more.

I now presume life as a Lifestyle and Beauty Blogger with the brand I created, SillySilberman. I have been home schooled for quite some time now, I enjoy it much more than public school. I started SillySilberman three days after I turned 15 in December of 2012, and it now has grown into a huge market of success. It’s a way for me to enjoy what I look after in life, and to share my inspirational speeches and experience in LGBT bullying.

3) What gets you through the tough times and what inspires you now?

The support of my family. My family is a group of very open-minded and thoughtful people. They all are quick to help heal those who are in need before themselves. My parents are fantastic. I couldn’t ask for more.

4) How did you get involved in the blogging world?

Funny story actually. Not naming names of other companies, but there is this company that rewards you with virtual points that you can redeem later for legit items. I was constantly contacted by the post moderators that would complain I was making fake posts (what’s a fake post? Lol). I don’t copyright because I had a friend who was sued into the six figures for sharing a photo on her blog. I turned to Blogger, where I started SillySilberman December 26, 2012. My first published post was about a shopping website I liked and used regularly. I was emailed later that day by the owner of the company, and was offered an outstanding partnership as Trendsetter and Partner. I took the deal, and now I have worked with over 200 brands!

5) Any other advice?

One of the lessons that I grew up with was to always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody else says distract you from your goals. And so when I hear about negative and false attacks, I really don’t invest any energy in them, because after all only YOU know who you are. Most importantly, #GoDoFly.


Little bio:


I’m a 16 year old Lifestyle and Beauty Transgender blogger whom resides from the beloved sunny California. I was side swiped by an array of bullies through my public school. SillySilberman is my blog where I share my story and all the things that I joyfully seek in life. I’m currently a home school student and is appreciating life for the small things it has to offer.

LINK: http://www.sillysilberman.com



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