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As you all know him by now, TJ! Today is all about his story and what he does to get him to a better road. Find out more here and have a look see at his website. You will love it!

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The Always Believer




How do you define yourself?

Good question. I’d definitely define myself as Independent. I’ve never been the one to depend heavily on others, and I’m very capable of doing my own thing when necessary.

What’s your #GoDoFly story?

Ever since childhood I’ve experienced tons of racism, starting at the age of 4 if I remember right. And that first experience was on my own door step by the neighbours would you believe? It eventually got to the point where it didn’t even phase me or anger me, as I knew it’s just plain ignorance anyways.

Through out my teenage years I was bullied quite a lot in high school. It wasn’t in the sense of physical scaring, bruising etc, it wasn’t even physical at all. Worse than that. It was verbal. You know like name calling, being picked on, made fun of, being put down, hateful words, being called ugly, yeah. Anything related to that. That was for 5 years straight. Even though I never told anyone about it at the time I always stood up for myself, even if it was just me standing up for myself. Meaning I had no real friends who were willing to back me up against the cowards in their little “gangs” so to speak.

As you can imagine I wasn’t really that confident at all. I didn’t start gaining confidence and becoming me (if that makes sense) till I was around 16 – 17 years old. That’s when I truly started to learn about myself, know more about myself, and recognize my skills and talents. Not to mention my characteristics and so on.

A few months after I turned 19 years old I was robbed by 2 people in the middle of a dark street. Which happens to be in the area I actually lived/grew up in. I was smacked over the head and constantly punched, kicked etc. Not knowing whether they might have been carrying a knife or a gun, I ran. Would you believe me if I told you they stole my “shopping bags” with tons of food in them? Ridiculous right? Whether that was their intention I don’t know. But that’s all they managed to get.

A couple of months after this happened to me, I was stabbed in a racist attack. It all initiated from the moment they set eyes on us. There were around 10 of them carrying weapons, making threats, etc. There was blood dripping everywhere, the bone in my finger was completely sliced out. Along with the nerves and so on. I’ll never forget that day, that was the day I found out who my true friends really are. I had to operate with one arm for the next 3 months….. Getting dressed with one arm, picking up plates with one arm, using the computer with one arm… I’m extremely grateful because it could of turned out to be much more severe if my reflexes weren’t as sharp as they were. In fact I wouldn’t be here typing this right now if I didn’t reflex so quick.

That’s a little sample of my story. I’m grateful for my life experiences as they’ve made me stronger, wiser, and helped me grow as a human being. I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am today if it wasn’t for what I’ve been through. Hopefully people can take inspiration from that, and maybe relate too.


How did you get through the tough times and what inspires you?

Well to be honest I eventually got the point where I thought, fuck it. The only person who can make the necessary changes is you. So when things were tough, I refused to complain about it. The same applies now. Tough times is just a part of life. Like the quote says – “Tough times don’t last, tough people do”, so you’ve just got to look at the bigger picture, set goals, stay strong and go for it.

Music is my inspiration. Successful people inspire me. The world inspires me. Doing the impossible inspires me. I’m creative my nature so I take inspiration from many different places. My biggest inspiration though is creating more freedom. Without freedom you can’t live your life the way you want to. Personal freedom is important.


How did you get involved in the blogging world?

I’ve always wanted to start a blog as I know I have lots of knowledge from life experiences. So I decided to create my own so i could help and benefit others with personal development and business advice.


Any advice you can tell us?

Don’t ever let no one stop you from following your dreams and pursuing your passions. Though I may not be a millionaire yet or anything of the sort, I was told in high school I’d be nothing when I grow up. And now I’m a business man, I’m self employed and well on my way to making huge progress in the years to come. And not necessarily just financially. But as a person. Do what you enjoy no matter what, and don’t let anyone or anything tear down your goals or ambitions. Anything is possible, even if it will take a little time to become a reality.





I’m a blogger, writer, author, who loves anything to do with online business. I write about life and business through my own experiences via my blog. I’ve authored one eBook based on long distance relationships, and plan to release many more in the coming future. Gaming is one of my favorite hobbies, and I’m addicted to music with a lot of bass!

For more: http://justbereal.co.uk 





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