Good Year to you, Flyer!

Team Flyer!

Hello there, sweet thing! How is that new year treating you!!

And we made it, 2018! And how did we make it? Smashing it! Are we right? Okay, we know we are up here all cheerful and motivation-like all the way and how can we not be? It is a brand new year and brand new set of skills along the way to gain, a brand new adventure to unfold and a brand new everything you want it to be.

Here are some key mantras, key thoughts, key everything you need to keep in mind all year-long. Grab a pen, grab a marker, grab a notebook, grab a poster and write them down… or if not, just your phone, open up notes and write away… reminders and such and here we go!



In other words, I AM ENOUGH. Say it with me, I AM ENOUGH.

We really need to hear this way more times. We really, really, really do. Everything that you need to do, everything you are meant to do, everything is and comes from inside you. It lies right in you and instead of looking for validation elsewhere, look inside of you. Look at you, look at how much you have overcome, how much you have thrived, how much you pushed forward and are still standing strong. You have summoned that strength from within. Take that power out and let it shine.



Let’s face it, you are one of a kind, unique and dazzling you. There are so many people copying one another, so many checking to see their neighbor´s latest car or kitchen countertops that they don´t see their own. In other words, there is no need to compare yourself to anyone else, there is just you and your kick-ass personality and traits. Is there something you want to work on? Is there something you´d like to better yourself in? Then do it, your power is that you are you and it is as simple as that.




You do you, Boo! Come on, do you really want to go out tonight with the crowd? Nah, you really want to stay in. Do you want to go that extra gym class instead of going to the beach or that concert? Of course not, you rather go to see your sea and jam out to the vibe. What we are getting at is that you got to do be you and do you. What floats your boat, you listen to yourself, you grab on tightly and listen to your gut feeling.

Because honey, darling, sugar, you need to spoil yourself from head to toe, you need to love yourself first, you need to put your own beautiful self as a priority and that is also as simple as it gets. Stay true to you.



Yup, you know it, I know it, the whole world knows it. That no matter what happens in it and where you go in it, you will have a fair share of good and bad days. You will fall and stumble. Now, it is up to you to see what is next. Yup, of course, it depends on you to see the either good or bad of each situation. Are you going to be thankful for what you already got or just pile on the complaints? It is up to you.



Oh so blessed, honey. We repeat this as many times as we can. We really do. Why? Because just look around you, look what you got. What do you see? What do you feel? Aren´t you smiling a bit by now?And if you aren´t, look more, look better, look closely. You are healthy, reading this from a technology device, you got what you need to express yourself, to read, you are able to feel… whatever it is that you are doing, whatever part of the world you are at, whatever the rest may be… you are blessed. Remember that and be grateful.


Tell us about your mantras, your start of the year, tell us your story. We would love to hear from you!


The Always Believer


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