Gosh, my glasses are really dirty

Hey Team Flyer!

So, let start by stating that I spent the whole of last year with glasses that were really dirty and more than that, very… very… very... scratched. And with 365 days that a year has, you would think at least for one or ten of those days, I would have gone to the eye store and gotten myself new glasses… because you know, I need to see and such. 

Nope, not one of those days. Among my many activities throughout the year there were finals, graduation, a shitty   ungratifying job or two, a whole summer of love, new beginnings, a wedding, accidents, new traditions, concerts, laughter, moving on moving on moving, planes on planes and a brand new love here to stay. And once again, no eye store in sight. Not one at all. 

Now, you are asking me what is so important about going to the store or what is the point of all of this…

You see, where as my 2018 had its highest of highs, it still led me to put myself last, once again. Yes, it brought me a great deal of adventures beyond my wildest dreams and experiences that I will cherish forever… That being said and done, gosh darn it, my glasses were dirty and very run down. You see, for me, glasses are my life, glasses are really what make me see, make me do everything and for over a year I didn’t see clearly at all, literally, they were scratched right down the middle. 

So, this brings only one clear thing to mind: I needed to fix my list up and be sure I covered all my first need basis and all of the other ones too. And seeing is without a doubt the main one that needed to happen. I mean come on, where is the promotion of self-love? How is it believable if the person expressing this isn’t even taking care of their eyesight? Hello! Are we all okay here?

The moment I got new glasses,(two pairs!),the fact that I could see crystal clear was just an amazement. I was so surprised that I could see so much of the world. No more scratches right in the middle of my eyesight, just all nice crystal clear views. That feeling of pure joy and excitement that you got your eyesight back after so long is worth gold. And let it that feeling serve me as a reminder to take better care of myself too. 

2018 did me good in many levels and I did cover other basis. Mental and physical health is a couple. Physical: slower than ever before and much needed. Whether it was surgery related or accident related or even recently graduated related, heck, it was all part of the slow process of having patience. As stated and seen from 2018: ¨ You are healing your body and mind. You aren’t just doing nothing.¨


And that is oh so true and oh so hard for someone like me to comprehend. I am a firecracker, a firework, light that wants to shine everywhere… it is hard for me to sit still.  Mentally: faster, stronger and lots of inner talk. Lots, lots and lots more. Lots of breaks, social breaks, distance, break ups and brand new starts, lots more concentration and much more inner joy.  

Going back to the glasses thing, this is oh so important, because the same thing can be happening to you, as we speak, as you read these lines, as you come to realize just now… What is your version of ¨dirty scratched glasses¨? For me, this was so obvious that no matter where I traveled to in 2018, people from all around made a comment about it and that is when I was like ¨wow, okay hun, where is that self-love?¨ And so I went for it and I want you to go after yours to. 

Tell me about your point of view! (no pun intended… well, really it is me so probably.)  Tell me what is that one thing you wanted to dig deep down and dive into bettering yourself. 

Thanks for the read and remember, let all those dirty glasses go, it is time for inner and outer love all around. 

The Always Believer 

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