So here we are, here I am! Let me be a happy part of your day, let me give you some smiles and happy vibes on this day. 🙂

I am in one of those cuddly and upbeat moods, those moods that I am usually in. That vibe knowing that I can do anything I want, that feeling of being helpful to others, that emotion of being myself around you. Perfection and unexplainable at times. That´s what I want to share with you today, someway, somehow, you and your power to do what you want and to mainly, be happy.

Ok, let´s get too those happy thoughts:

Christmas Gif 17

After we read these lovely quotes that sure made us smile, please re read them again carefully, pick one or two out, write them out on a paper, on your phone and keep it near! Today, tomorrow and yes, next year, keep them so you can use positive thoughts whenever you need. Once they´ve done what they needed to, pick a few more… 🙂

Sure, no post will make you do something you don´t want to. You don´t have to be happy all the time, be real to your emotions, cry, vent do whatever. Have the attitude you want, after all it´s your call.

Whatever attitude you have, own it, rock it. We all want to help someway somehow and we are all human beings. It´s up to you to go whichever way you want to!

All I have left to say is honey, you rock! You have done an amazing year and you still have many more life adventures to go on. Keep on the positive vibe, it is not just another day, it is another day learned and even more so, another day filled with chances and changes!

That´s all I really want to say dear World Creator, always believe, always do. Your life! Go for it!

Thanks for sticking around and let there be many more to come,

Happy New Year, Happy New Day, Happy. Just be HAPPY. 

Just do what you want.

The Always Believer


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