Happy Fourth!!


Hello everyone!

How are you? Are you as amazed that it is July already as me?

On today´s note, we are going to talk about living life. As usual, another time, yet I feel like it is a great reminder. Lately, days fly by, sunsets turn into sunrises, long work hours are being sustained as much as we can.

And with all this happening, I sit here looking at this screen, finally with 20 minutes to put my mind into this, thinking how I can describe day-to-day life. Earlier this year, it was all about break-ups, letting go, moving on, once and for all. Knowing that friends turn into strangers, that the feeling to be in love turns into just friends once again… I look at this with kindness, patience and a sense of wonder why it happens. But then again, it just does.

I decided to continue, my way, the way I think it is best. Regardless what might happen in the future. This year went from heartbreaks to new emotions very fast. Upbeat job, never-ending new faces in a fast paced city, adventure after adventure and at the same time, being more myself than I have ever been. Life changes you. A place changes you. You become more real each and every step. It´s luck to find it right away, meanwhile, all I am doing is taking it one step at a time.

Wishing the best of luck to those who are not with me and being the best version of me to those who are around. Comes and goes, spins around again and it turns into what you want it to be.

And for me, it is all about feeling the moment, being free and staying grounded. There is no much more I can but thank you. To the new followers, friends and happy times I am surrounded with. You live and you learn, as today´s reminder is live life.

Just get out and do it… yesterday is gone, today is when you give it all you got.

Now, for some treats…. 🙂

Some monthly goodies that I am thrilled to share!

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One of the best things I have re-learned this month is that ¨Live the moment. Don´t be worried about the future. It is your future self´s problem and a thousand and more things can happen until then.¨  Respect your own decisions, live the way you want and just go with it too.

My Summer has started strong and it will continue this way. As I take my time getting back to you so I can enjoy my long working hours and the rest of my free time, it brings me great pleasure to be able to talk with you. I will be back on track soon enough, I will be back just for you.

Let´s go July!!

Let me know what you are doing!

The Always Believer


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