Happy Halloween!

Heya party people!

Hello to one of my favorite holidays, today!

Yup, I love dressing up and getting all involved in the festivities. Oddly enough, I don´t like being scared but that doesn´t stop me.


I´ve got to tell you guys something, I´ve got to tell you the truth, as I always do.

I´m in love! I am in love the way it goes, with the way it is, with the way it is turning out to be… everything around me, everything I have created…

I am in love with this city.

I adore this city. Every inch, every corner, every curve of it. It is a pure delight.

This, that and all the things in the middle.  As I wake up every day to my day job, I am walking in my dream. First thing was to feel comfortable in the place I have chosen and after that, start everything else I want to do. As you know, I am back… Not to the fullest, not the best of ways as I want to be, but I am slowly coming back. I still got to keep my full-time day job in order to make my other dreams come true. Just like you. Thank you for your patience, your comments and all your love. Keep spreading that around far and wide.

Moving on, life has folded into a great adventure. It has always been, this I know. Now, everything is falling into its place as it was meant to be. I´m much more outgoing, braver and live happily under my own terms. Sure,  many people have asked me what I am going to do in a year´s time, after every contract is over and everything has changed once again… my response to that is that it will come.

Another life lesson is to do what makes you happy. There are people in this world that (want to, in some occasions) make your life impossible. They just pop up out of nowhere and remind you of a good challenge. You can either ignore them, go around it or do your own thing on top of leaving their side. Lately, there has been a situation in my daily life that has me in the turns. Either to continue in the same place against the odds of ¨surviving¨ and that is not the point of life, or to break the pattern loose and find another way of living. It is all about which path to take and it is a crossroads one since I only stand alone. It will be another challenge along the road, I am choosing happiness. Not instant one since I can´t make the biggest change I want in five seconds, but enough daily doses happiness and changes of attitude to continue with my own path. Whatever that maybe.

Sometimes life is a full leap, sometimes you got to do the extra push but really, all in all, you´ve got to do you. You´ve got to be happy. You´ve got to. No one else is going to live your life, no one can tell you what to do. When you got a bit of what makes you happy, go for it.

For now, my closest of friends have taught me to live the moment, right here, right now. The things will come, the things will go, just stand strong and continue. Of course, easier said than done, nonetheless, one the best piece of advice anyone can give.

As my world has changed around me and I settled in to a new place called home, I give you all the parts of me ….

Here, have a few goodies too! 



I´ve gone to concerts, I´ve gone to rad parties, I´ve lived each moment with the people I love, I have fallen in love, I have let go, I have taken steps of courage and once again, I am in love. With you, with him, with her… with everything that I have created around me and after all this has been said and done, no matter if thunderstorms come, there will always be rainbows.  


I want to keep going giving out the best of me. Of that moment, of each moment, in the best way I know how to. 

Happy Halloween folks! Tonight is all about being scared and having the courage to go for it,  just like in real life. Let the masks come in and the real you come out, while you let that feeling endure… because masks are only fun when playing dressing up, the best you can be is the real you. Let me know how your night went! And yes, hello Thanksgiving in no time. Now, that, is a holiday I can´t wait for! 🙂

Tons of love, take care and most of all, spread the Love.


The Always Believer

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