Hey! Watch out!

Hey dear world creator!


Look at what’s in front of you! 

Countless times we don’t see what is in front of us, we forget our surroundings and just dive into the technological world, memories of yesterday or stalling to not to face the truth. It becomes a routine really. We cuddle up to our safe place forgetting reality and the delicate truth.

I wanted to catch you attention, to get to you, shake you up and give you a huge shout out to open your eyes. Hard truth, just a cheer along the way, whatever the impression may be, the result is up to you. It’s the beginning of the year and it might be easier to keep ideas in check and goals in track. At the same time, being mid-point of the first month, heck, being mid-point of anything, everyone needs an extra push!

So, tell me, how is that work out routine working out for you? How is that healthy lifestyle coming along? How are those past pictures helping you to have a better today? Are you already overflowing with activities to cover up the wounds? I am not here to judge, I really don’t mind what you do. What I am interested is for you to be happy. I am interested in you have that right mindset.

This world needs motivated, self disciplined, active people. And if I can help to have more of those in any way possible, then perfect. That is an achieved goal.

Moving on, how are you sticking to your schedules and your goals? You have plenty of ways of staying well put together and maintaining them all year-long.

Let me help you with a few:

MAKE A LIST: Every week make a list of mini goals you want to achieve the following week, it can be anything you like. Add them as you remember and cross them off as you do them. This is a great way to do things step by step!

VISION BOARD/ GOAL OUTLET/ETC: Anything you like to keep your goals in mind, this is different from the list. This is the big picture. This can be either anything you want to achieve this year with quotes,pictures or just a word to a board filled with things that you love. Anything that keeps you motivated. Keep it near to you. In a place that you can see it everyday!

BE CLEAR AND GIVE YOURSELF TIME: Like any new pattern in life, we need to talk our time. We can always go back to when we learnt how to walk, was it easy? Nope! Did we do it on our first try? Nope! We just did it when we needed to and we gave it time. This is the same. Anything new that you put in your life, it needs to have some time. Not only for us to get used to it but also to see the results. It is a hard task for some and it is an important one.

Also be clear on what you want. Be realistic on your goals.For example, go back to your New Year Resolutions or your Bucket List or whatever you have, did you ask too much out of yourself?  Too little? You need to be clear and honest with yourself.Just for you.This is your life to make it your way.Are we clear on that?

LOYALTY: We all love it. We are all loyal to someone or something. We always go back to that one place, turn to that one person,time after time. With whatever new goal you made for yourself, be faithful to it. Love it, nourish it and make sure you live to its standard. Don’t be too hard on yourself for skipping a day, instead of dragging yourself down, get motivated. You need to want this with all 100%, everything in your life needs to be dealt with that 100% effort and loyalty.

STOP AND DO ONE THING AT A TIME: We get so caught up with this fast paced world that we forget the real things. If you are out with friends, then be with them. If you are with your family, hug them and tease them too. Let things aside. Sure, vent about work and all nevertheless leave the actual work there. And those goals you have in mind? Do them one by one. It is not worth stressing about the million errands on the to do list if need a day off after finishing everything on the list.

KEEP THE BALANCE: Too much of this, too much of that… not good. Any extreme is the opposite of good. In other words, do a little at a time, do as much as you can, keep that balance, keep that peace. Important!

LET IT GO: For those times you think that it is easier to just give up and live in the past, let it go. Let go of that anger or nostalgic sentiment. It is great to look back and rejoice. It is even better to live the present. For those times that you are worried about what will happen in six or eight months time, let it go too. Live this moment, for this is your life right now.

Overall, do what makes you happy. Yes, you set out those goals with the best intention. And as much as you would love to conquer them, if you really prefer to live your life in the past, on a two-week test trial or whatnot, it is your choice. You don’t have to respond to me or anyone.

The best advice I can give you at the end of this post is:

After all, it is Your Life. Live it Your way. 

Take care world creators,

Let me know what methods you use to keep those dreams alive!

The Always Believer



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