Hey you, get off the couch!

Hey you, get off the couch!

So, I’ve heard you have had a lot of “Nothing Days”. Those days that the world is as far away as Pluto is, those days where the only voices you have heard are those in your head and the ones in your favorite TV shows…. those same days that you seem to have on repeat.

Talking about climbing the Life Ladder, thinking about how to continue down the path of Life, you will find yourself in a bit of a rocky road fall or dead-end street… don’t let that be the finish line, you don’t have to let it be.

Here are a few insider tips that will fill your life a bit more:

Keep trying – Easier said than done, you might say. However, right here, right now, you are reading these lines and within these lines you are continuing to try and try again. It a bit overused and gets one people’s nerves but it does help through the hard times. Now, this key trying is in everything that you do. EVERYTHING. And once again, I mean EVERYTHING. From that company you want to work for, from continuing to learn how to play the guitar, from wanting to eat healthier… try everything all over again. Companies, people, yourself… it all takes time and maybe once nor twice isn’t enough, yet that is where you push yourself to try again because you really believe in what you want to do.

Be Productive and keep it that way – From looking for a job on a daily basis or researching even deeper on what you want to do, anything that makes you feel that you have made something out of your day. Anything that is relevant to your personal taste that will make you see you have made a change in your day-to-day life. Write if you feel like writing, draw if you feel like drawing, cook if you feel like cooking, go do what you love to do. Just do it, it is also a cliché thing to say but alas, it is also true. Fear of falling? We are have that. It just takes courage to do it and then taking it from there, perfecting it later and making it more of your own.



Go easy on yourself and go hard, find the balance – As far as everyone’s knows, you are the only one that can know your own limitations and know when to push. You can make sure you can kick your own butt if you don’t do something before your own personal deadline and you can cheer yourself when you do. Now, find that balance because you can’t go full blast critical on yourself. You are creating and forming your abilities, give yourself time and be true to you. Find a way to discipline yourself while motivating yourself.

Focus on what you and only you are able to control – Instead of thinking and over-thinking on why you haven’t heard back from that job or person yet, focus your mind on what you can do to change that. In other words and a key word: experience. For example: maybe you want to reach the highest of mountains when it comes to your job yet you only see jobs for the small hills around it…. take them, take the chance and take control of that. Stepping stones that will help you climb higher towards where you want. All of those small climbs will give you experiences that will later help you have the know-how to climb to the top of the mountain.

Go out there and experience the world, from bar hopping with locals to internships at any local company. From trying to find a place to live abroad to signing up for a hobby at your local social center. Steps, big or small, they all lead to experience outside your four walls. Find out, discover and reach those steps into finding what you really want to do with your life.


With all this said, the main factor of it all is surround yourself with people who want to see you reach higher places as well as people who are into what you are. Whether it is a creative field or scientific field, people will always want to help. With critical reviews, with boosting each other up when an opportunity comes along the way, with anything else in between. Even rejection, recruiters, friends and other people you will meet will continue to reject you. But don’t let that get you down and about too far. Work harder, be true to you and make your own path. Maybe the next one will be one to open, it depends on you and your will to believe, to try to work hard for it.

We are all rocking the same boat, babe. It’s scary out there but there is a way to overcome that scary part. Not giving up, staying productive, discovering what you really want to do along the way and working hard for that.

Keep us in mind for future pep talks filled with love and encouragement. And be sure to hit us up anytime, always believers!


The Always Believer

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