Hopping on Mount.Rushmore?

Hopping on Mount.Rushmore?

Talking about relationships, of any type, we tend not to rush. We are told to take our time, get to know a person before we commit and with that, everything else sounds logical. Focusing on romantic relationships, we know that they are really hard work. The time that we have to dedicate to another person in any aspect is quite a bit. It doesn’t matter how independent you may be, they will always be half of your time. To start a relationship, aside from the fact that you must have time, you must have self-love.

The excitement you get when you are in a new relationship is fulfilling, its fresh, its breathtaking, it’s simply amazing. And yes, while this may lead you to rushing and flying high, you’ve got to be realistic and step your feet on the ground. Some people move faster than others and that is okay, from getting married after a year of knowing each other or moving in within months… why is this okay?

Let’s hop onto Rushmore… These cases that have such great turnout is foremost because they love themselves first. That is the main reason. These people know themselves individually and from that moment on, know what they want and how to love themselves. Maybe not to the fullest 100%, however, pretty close to that. These paces are clear to them because they trusted themselves as individuals, they were true to themselves and they honoured what they needed.

Within that, these people will also have struggles and insecurities, those things will always be a great part of their lives, much like everyone else’s. Looking into other previous relationships, maybe the time was off because there was lack of self-confidence. From either part. It is a two-way deal, anything that a person previously doesn’t like about themselves can be reflected onto their partner. Even without having the intention of doing so. On top of that, there are some cases that either of the two, or both, didn’t know what they wanted. This leads to lack of communication, trust and even causing break-ups.

Guess what? Within these break ups, you learn more about yourself and want you want. You learn to grow and understand yourself even more. And that is the good news. No matter how many burned bridges you had to go through. In order to have a healthy relationship, you need to be loving to yourself and know your needs. Once again, it’s a two-way deal.

Rushing into a relationships isn’t all bad news, no matter how some people may go all crazy about it. If you feel that your partnership with that special someone is secure, balanced and loved, then go for it. Meeting someone new, getting close to them, feeling vulnerable around them and standing up for yourself takes courage. Don’t read too much into the time, slow or fast and everything else in between, focus on you. Get to know yourself, trust yourself, love yourself. Focus on yourself before diving into a relationship.

And while becoming a secure and loving adult to oneself, you might happen to meet someone you adore. Hop onto to Rushmore. Take a leap, take a chance, be yourself at all times and be brave. Remember how important it is to be who you are, how special you are and how much love you deserve. Know all this, know it is okay to rush if you feel it, know that you are learning as much as you can and reaching higher grounds, each and every time.

Enjoy the ride!

The Always BelieverĀ 

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