How much of an individual are you?

Between recent studies and researches in the beauty industry and in the real world, it feels likes individuality is sometimes nowhere to be found. For example, all of the twenty Miss. Korea candidates looked like the same girl with different outfits because they tried to come up with a very specific formula to represent Korea a certain way around the world. Another clear example is whenever you are walking down the street and see someone with bright hair or an eccentric outfit, most will stop and stare, still to this day.

Those two examples come from “beauty” standards. Another point we want to mention is personality individuality. Do you feel like you can always be yourself no matter what? Time after time, we shame people for not being trendy, for being to outspoken or for taking some time to open up to people… There has been countless times where we ran through some comments of people judging other just because of the way they act or behave. Now, we are not talking about bad-behaved folks here, we are talking about good-hearted people who talk a bit too loud, who crack up laughing at any time or those who are just shyer than the rest.

We see these reactions in talk shows, in everyday situations and even at work. It doesn’t only stop in high school, where you are automatically divided into “sections” just by the way you look. We’ve been watching a talk show that is all about girl power, due to the fact that the hosts are mixed-race women who stand up for what they believe in. Within this show, you can listen to different issues that effect both man and woman, also you are able to see witty remarks and other goofy segments.

Heart to hearts are not the main topic as it is just small talks about diverse topics for everyone’s taste. Now, all these women are their own personality, hence making the show something to watch. Because, why would we want 3/6 of the same presenters in the same show? Truth be told, it can be entertaining to watch since some topics they discuss makes you think a bit more outside your comfort box.

Even so this is all true, there comes some times where these women are trying to get their words out and in the process of doing so, keep getting bashed. Not only by their fellow colleagues who are surprised with some of their co-workers answers and point of view, even more so within the audience. Some of the after-show comments are hard to deal with. People lashing out at them just because they said their opinion, showed their true colors or went along with the moment and acted a certain way.

We find all this impressively ridiculous. As we live in a world where it pushes us to be more and more individual, right around the corner, it reminds us that we all to stand in the same line. What’s with it then? Which is the way to go? Maybe most of what we are is something that we have been molded into by society. Maybe our way of thinking and acting is because we want to be just one more and not bother explaining why you act/behave a certain way.

Whether if it is in a famous talk show, at your own job (yes, most deal with this on a daily basis) or walking down the street, be yourself. I mean, come on, no one else is you, no one else has the right to say anything else. One of our favorite sayings is: “Never explain yourself. Your enemies won’t care and your friend won’t need it.” As we are all part of the just be yourself motion, we do want to applaud shows, artists, role models, family members, random strangers and anyone else you can think of… to those who are always themselves, as individual as they want to be. It is not a matter of being brave just by choosing being you, it is a matter of being yourself just because that is who you want to be.


And what is more beautiful and individual than that?

Speaking for myself, I am standing tall and proud of being myself, tattoos and red hair and all, being cheesy romantically and Disney-Lover and all, workaholic and random hugs and all, weird comments and often talks in various languages at the same time and all… Me!

So, once more: How much of an individual are you?

Let’s do this!

The Always Believer

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