How thirsty are you?

Hello Team Flyer!!

How are you? We want to know today how thirsty are you! Yup, you read right, we want to know as of this moment how thirsty are you.

¨So if you see a glass ceiling, know that it’s only there so you can shatter it.¨ – Justin Baldoni

How do these two thoughts link together? Both of them mean that you got reach for your goals and how far you want to go in order to get it. You see, it is all a matter of the same old logistics; when you are hungry, you eat; when you are sad, you cry;  when you are happy, you smile; when you are cold, you put more layers on; when you are hot, you take layers off; and so on and so forth, so when you are thirsty, you drink.

Imagine that you have been in the desert all day, okay, okay… at the beach, in the mountains, somewhere away from civilization and not being able to drink anything all day, what is the first and only thing you want? Water! Or something to drink! Regardless of the fact that you might drink little or tons, you would be naturally thirsty. And this thirst is important. Because it was what drives you to push further, either spend more time through the mountains, lay the beach or simply to the next bar.


If we translate this to real life, make that glass of tall water or whatever you please into your current goal. That goal that you have in your mind as you read these lines. The very same one that you have had in mind for a while. And that is when we ask, how thirsty are you? Because if you are parched, dehydrated, completely desiring that tall glass of something after a long day without drinking, you will have to feel the same about your current goal; making that thirst go away.

And liking in to the quote above is that whenever you realize that you need to be thirsty for your goals, you also realize that those obstacles that you think that are in the way are meant to be shattered, that you can do greater and bigger things, more than you think and more than you know; think big, act big. Seriously though, we want to know how much you want it, how much you are able to do in order to get that thing you want… with this, we want to help you go get it by keeping you motivated and thinking with your feet on the ground and aiming for the sky. 

Share with us your latest goal and how thirsty are you? How are you going to break that glass ceiling? This is your community and we want to hear your point of view as well. Regardless of what goal you have in mind, let us know and we will feature you.

We are very thirsty over here, we want to continue thinking in big and shattering glass ceilings. It always keeps pushing us forward and making sure we get things done.

The Always Believer

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