Motivational Monday

How to Give Back When…

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Today for Motivational Monday, we got Emily once again. We are always happy to have her on board and full of her energy. She gives us give us five ways to give back to the community and we are all for it. Be sure to check out the links down below to listen to our podcast episode with her and her #GoDoFly story. She is one incredible woman!

Motivational Monday

How to Give Back When You Feel You Have Nothing to Give


Last week was the most humbling and incredible experience I‘ve had in quite some time!

With the holidays under our belts for 2019, I really wanted to give back to others and not stop this season of love or season of giving! You know that warm holiday feeling when everyone is so cheery and kind to one another? It is the absolute best! 

So, I woke up last Sunday morning and thought I’m going to go out and really make a difference… but how?

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I’m a struggling 23-year old who lives in a big city.

I don’t have very much extra income to give. 

And even if I did, I had no clue where to begin.

I wanted to help a wide range of people, causes, and places.

It seemed fairly daunting, but I wanted to take myself up on the challenge and that is exactly what I did!

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Here is my very own “Week of Giving When You Feel Like You Have Nothing to Give” experience! I hope some of these ideas will inspire you to go out and make small changes, which can have drastic impacts on both yourself and especially those around you! You don’t have to change the world in one day, but you can change someone’s day in just one day.

“You can’t do all the good the world needs, but the world needs all the good you can do.”

Monday: Donate Food Leftovers from Work

I didn’t get a chance to do this one last week, but I’ve done it many times before, so I wanted to include it! If your work does catering days or brings in snacks all the time and you notice that a lot of the food goes uneaten, especially if it’s prepackaged, ask if you can take it and donate it.

Food waste is SUCH AN ISSUE! And the more we can donate and share that food before it just gets tossed into the trash, the better! You may feel weird at first, but don’t let that stop you! I would ask all the time if I could take the leftover snacks to a shelter or home with me, so I could give them out to people. Anything you can do to lower the waste and raise the feeding of people who really need it is amazing!

Tuesday: Drop off  cards to a local elder care home or hospital

This one was really fun! If you like being creative or artsy in any way, please try this one! I made a ton of Holiday Cards or even just “Happy, Go Lucky Cards” and dropped them off to a local children’s hospital! They can be anonymous and vague, but they could still mean so much to someone who is spending the holiday’s alone or in the hospital!

You can also submit cards to programs that send them overseas to U.S. Army men and woman. What an incredible way to show your appreciation and support for those people by writing a simple card to show you care and you are so thankful for them!

There are also programs where you can volunteer to spend time with elderly individuals especially during the holidays who are alone. I will definitely be looking into that volunteer program as the holidays are getting closer and closer!

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Wednesday: Pick Up Trash as you Walk

This one may seem kind of silly, but trust me picking up litter whenever you’re out and about can be a simple way to volunteer your time to better your community and the planet. Whenever I’m walking anywhere and I see trash (usually by a trash can even, don’t get me started how angry I get!) I always make sure to pick it up and throw it away! You may get some weird looks at first, but you could also inspire other people to do the same!

Litter is so dangerous to wildlife and nature! If you don’t have time to dedicate an entire day to volunteer at a community trash pick-up, why not do your part when you can? If you see litter, discard it! It really can help make your town and the planet a safer, cleaner environment and it’s so simple to add it into your daily routine!

Thursday: Carry Food to Give to the Homeless

As previously stated, I’m living on a pretty tight budget. That’s why I hate seeing poor people asking for money and me feeling like I don’t really have the money to give right now. So, instead of feeling bad for passing them by, I decided to give food instead.

Off-brand granola bars, peanut packs, etc. are super cheap especially if you go to the dollar store! This holiday season and now even after, I decided to always carry little snacks in my backpack or purse, so if I pass a homeless man or woman on the streets I could give them some food. It’s super simple and very affordable!

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It also puts your mind at ease on what that person may be doing with your money. Instead, you’re offering them food, especially when it is SO cold outside, which is something they could really need! I highly recommend this tip! I gave out probably three granola bars one day, which may have cost me $0.50. That’s absolutely doable for me and hopefully very beneficial to the people I saw today! 

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Friday: Donate Cat or Dog Food to a Local Animal Shelter

Having a veterinarian for a dad made this one touch my heart in a big way. Growing up, I always saw my father donating dog or cat food to local animal shelters, especially around the holidays! Most animal shelters are non-profit, so affording food and even cat litter can be very hard for them at times!

I went and purchased some generic-brand dog and cat litter for maybe $10 total and dropped it off to a local, no-kill animal shelter near the city. Such a simple act and an incredible reward! Knowing you helped animals who have no ability to help themselves! This one is really easy to do and you may even get to play with a few puppies as I did;) 

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In conclusion, I learned way more than I thought I would by doing this weekly challenge! I learned that little changes can make drastic ones if you just take the time to do them! I think so many times we tell ourselves that we cannot give enough so why give at all? That is simply not the case! If every person gave five minutes of their time or five dollars they had to spare think of the incredible shift the world would experience?

Whatever you can give is exactly what you should be giving.

Do not compare your good deeds to others.

Do not compare your impact to others.

Go out, be determined, and do the good you can do with your circumstances.

And also do good for yourself as well.

Throughout the week I caught myself being so humbled and so grateful each time I did something for someone else. I began to cherish my life more. I really felt the gratitude for myself, life, situation, etc. within. I wished I could do more, but I did what I could and I encourage you to do what you can.

You won’t regret it.

I sure didn’t.

I felt that I had nothing to give, but in reality, I had more to give than I even realized. You have more to give than you think, so go out there and give it.

Sincerely, XO Emily

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What are ways you can help with your community? We all here for it and we want to know more! With all her info down below, be sure to check out our favorite health coach out on podcast episode and her #GoDoFly story.

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