I dreamed a little dream

I dreamed a little dream

I dreamed a little dream
And that dream turned into a spark along my way
From that on, that little dream kept rushing to try to catch up with me
That little dream that once started oh so little
Came up to me and with its magic rays of light it stood up to me
It captured my attention, this it did, that little dream….
It held my hands, it took me by surprise, along a road, my dream and me
Little by little, that dream was not so little anymore
The more we walked, the more this little big dream grew
I stopped for a second, although for my dream it seemed like I stopped for a decade

I just stopped in my tracks, I just stopped to dream a bit more
All of a sudden, my dream looked me in the eyes this time, it led me to believe
To believe again, to believe in my little dream that has become big
That thanks to all the journey before, it made me rise, this is what my dream did for me

So there I was, starting to wake again, looking for the spark of my little dream
That spark of my dream was nowhere to be found because when I searched
That little dream was all around, we have overcome obstacles and made spark come true

I dreamed a little dream that became into reality
Now, I´m dreaming of another little dream.

By: Ariadna Arredondo


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