I feel naked, don´t you

Here we go, hello Friday!

One of the best sentences I have ever learned from life itself and Mr. Feeny is the following: “You don’t have to be blood to be family.”

When I am standing right in front of any true friend of mine, I feel naked. Don’t you? As I talk to them and pour out my soul, its like undressing my thoughts and bearing it all. You can call it feeling naked or just opening your heart… whatever it may be, I find that feeling remarkably important. At all times. Because this feeling reminds me that what I am doing is important,that it is worth saying what I feel, that what I have got on my mind is needed to be said, because I am following my gut feeling to let it all out. I want to do be sure I always keep this feeling in my life. You see, whenever I have fell down on my knees and life seemed to get the very best of me, there is always a phone call I can make.

Maybe I didn’t always make it, maybe I just thought I was a bother… but with years of wisdom, it came across to me to call. It became clear to call. I also realized that I wear my heart on my sleeve much too often. Causing me to have rough friendship breakups and mess up quite a few times while selecting the people I was with. No biggie. This is what life is for.

As I slowly and surely come back from that outbreak, I do know that it takes me some time to get comfortable with someone, specially a group of friends. Despite this fact, I also love quickly. Whatever the occasion may be, as soon as I know a person is trustworthy, I give it my all. And this means in any kind of relationship I have: love, family, friends, fans. I give it my all.

Scary, right? To be naked all the time, all over again. Yup. Although I have moved plenty and I am starting my life all over again. Actually, already in the process of settling in. Anyhow, all these moments when you are talking to new people and letting them in, it is crazy scary to open up and show all that you got. Day in, day out, I do it anyway. Some more, some less, yet whoever I am talking to I am giving it my all.


I wanted to point this out because there has been many days where issues of my past have come up and didn’t know which newbie to turn to. Achingly turning to faraway friends instead of inserting new people in with caution. Don’t get me wrong, I love and adore my friends from around the world and yes, there is always someone to call. Nonetheless, they’re halfway across the world and a sure way to start making deeper connection to people around me is calling them and talking to them.

This past year has been all first again, between meeting new people and adding a new boyfriend out of the blue, plus a new city, come on, it is a brand-new package deal. Up to a few days or weeks ago, who knows… I’ve been calling back more than calling forward. I want to focus on the people around me, right now. And from that moment on, start feeling naked.

This is what life is: talking, drinking, crying, smiling, hugging, laughing, loving.

To my forever friends: I love you, I love you and I love you. You know me and I know you, I have got tattoos together with you and wild nights dancing, I’ve got long skype/viber calls and an ongoing selfie trading party, I’ve got you through my changes and faults, I’ve got a shoulder to lean on and a friend for life. Thank you.

To my newbies: One step and one wine glass a time… I won’t let the past get the best of me, I will let it help me and see that there are people who stay and people I want to stay with. People for all tastes, people for every activity, there are people and those people become friends. Through changes and faults, through getting to know each other, let’s open our doors and take a ride down friendship lane.

Lastly, for both and for all:

“Cards on the table, we’re both showing hearts
Risking it all though it’s hard.”

Remember to say I love you, remember to love with all your heart, remember to spread the love and be yourself, the best you you can be.

Do you also feel naked with friends?

Ariadna Arredondo

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