I get by with a little help of ….

Hello Team Flyer!!

How are you today?

Let’s finish that top sentence: I get by with a little of my friends? Of course! What we want to focus on today, however, is how we get by with being organized. Yup, being organized is our key of the day.

Let’s get to it!

A few benefits of being organized:

1) Less Stress! Yup, thanks to keeping my space neat and tidy, I am able to find what I need at any time. Sure, some people are organized in their own personal mess and that is okay. As long as you can find things that you are looking for, then that is fine by us. By adding a designated spot for everything, you are able to find things quicker, get things done and guess what?

2) Relax…. more! The less amount of time I spend running from place to place or searching for something in my house/office, the more time I can kick up my shoes and relax. Either leave work a bit earlier knowing that I’ve done my tasks of the day or simply have everything at reach so I can allow myself to relax. This is key!

3) Ready for it? Yes, life comes and goes and gives you everything at once and more… Thanks to being organized, I can handle life’s curve balls. I can do whatever I have to do overcome these emergencies obstacles because I always have a back up. Either it be money wise or time wise, I’ve always got it covered. My friends flip out when they find out that I am month’s ahead of time on rent and that I’ve organized my day in such a way that anything extra can be taken care of in heartbeat and fast.

4) Even when it looks overwhelming on the outside, it is well organized and paced on the inside. Due to everyday structure and goals of getting certain things done each day, what looks like a million things to do on the outside, for me, it is a daily list of goals. And after checking them off when they are finished, it is a personal treat to know I’ve achieved things that day. It also helps to have these lists since the I have these goals and top things to do clearly identified making it all the easier to get done.

5) It is a great example to others. Sure, we don’t all have to be super organized as I am. (I can sometimes be Monica of my Friends!) Yet, what I have discovered that when others see how organized I am and how well I can handle myself, they take small actions in their lives towards that. Also, sure, I might not have my own kids to set a direct example to them; I do volunteer and have younger kiddos who look up to me.  When they see me being practical and prepared, it makes them want to be that way to and it is great way for them to be prepared for their future. Sure, a job is important and going after your dreams with all that you can, yet it is also key to let remind them that spending time with family and friends and doing social actives is as important. Being organized helps you maintain that.

6) (insert cheerleader voice here) Be pro- duc- tive, be be pro- duc- tive! When things fall into the same place, when you know where things are and how to get them done and by when you need them done, you automatically become more organized. No matter what your goals are, you have done them and have gotten more time and energy for the bigger goals in life.


Truth be told! You’ve got to take some time being organized and getting that organized life all together. Baby steps and steps all around your life…. You will slip up, you will have some off days and that is no big deal…. As we always say, if you do the best you can with all that you have, then it is worth the experience. Be organized with day-to-day activities and work, your body and mind will thank you for it. Don’t be organized for the sake of it, just to make your own life a bit better.

And another thing, don’t do a million things in one day. Pace yourself and know where to keep your priorities. Plus, what we are stating is not that being organized is the goal, is more than that. Being organized helps you get to your bigger things in life, you can be organized in your way and you do what you like. If you already achieved your goals for the most part and lead a successful life on your terms, it also means that you’ve been organized throughout all this time. Even if your desk or house was a bit of a mess. Because organization is good where it matters.

On top of that, being messy is part of life, the curve balls that come our way and the chaos that is around, is all a part of who we are. So if for you, you are more creative with the opposite of this, it’s absolutely okay. We just do what do to make ourselves happy and get things done.

If you have any other thoughts or ideas of how to stay organized, comment below! We would love to hear it!

Stay organized and spread the love,

The Always Believer

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