I got the beat

Hello there darling World Creators!

How’s it going? What’s up? How is that positive vibe going for you?

Today the beat of my own drum is on my mind. Yup, I want to dance my own dance steps, walk my own steps, sing my own song. And on top of that, I want you to do so too! This one is about me, about you, about our inner beat, baby!

So, do you have a beat? Do you have that rhythm that keeps you cheerful? I am talking about as soon the ship hits rocky waters, as soon as bit of rain starts to pour in, do you remind yourself about your goal? About your own piece of paradise?

To follow your own beat, your own path, your own way of life, etc… can be challenging at times. We encounter so many dangers along the way, we go on countless walks in circles or go into a labyrinth without even realizing before we actually get where we want. Those paths that come in our way come at the right time. The utter truth is whatever is meant to be for you, will be for you. It will happen. 

Dear hard workers of mine, you’re doing the best you can every day!

Now, all along this wonderful rocky road of a path, we need to remind ourselves our beat. This inner drive of wanting that goal so much that you can feel it with every step. In other words, no giving up the towel! I want to see no towels on the floor, you hear!


Come on sweetie, let’s do this quick exercise.

Think of your happy place. What do you feel?

Look into the future and see yourself at your goal.How does that make you feel?

That feeling right there is your drive. Write it, create it, express it, alarm it, do whatever it is in your power to remind yourself how far you have become and your heart still beats to your own sound. 

As soon as the walls start tumbling down, remind yourself about that feeling. Capture it, feel it, describe it, whatever you like. There is nothing like it. No one is going to get in your way, no one is going to take it away from you.


Why? Because you know that whatever you are doing, you are doing what makes you happy. You are singing your song, you are dancing your tune, you are doing it, darling. And that is something to be proud of and be encouraged every step of the way. Our purpose in life is to be happy and love.

We don’t get a lot of people in our lives to cheer us on as we do everything in life. That is what I am here for. To talk to you every day, in the best way I can. For you to come back to this post and remind yourself to get your beat back!

You got this! Go out and get them! You heard me. Go on. 

Shine bright, hang on tight and dance to your beat, own it! 

If you have a beat, drop it down below and let me know “Hey! I got the beat!” And of course, if there is a song that encourages to dance your heart out, let me know. I am a true music fan!

Spread the love,

The Always Believer


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