I want you

Hey there Go-Getters!

What do you want most today? What do you want the most every day? What is what makes you tick and makes you go?

Let me give you an inside look:

I want you, yes… you. I said it and stand by it. Let me make it clear to you. In my life, there are very few important things as I keep it down to the basics as much as I can. And you are on the top of my list.

Now, with you comes all this magic, this website, these words, your words… and all of our doings together. Everything that makes me smile and take another photograph is aimed towards you. It is directed towards this very page for your viewing pleasure.



What I wish for this year and every other is to continue down our path together, expanding this very wish into a bigger reality. I want you. I want to bring you happiness and hear your stories. I want you to think of me on a rainy day and a sunny one too, I want to be a part of your world and be spread around from one friendly face to another. No wonder I can´t stop thinking about you, you bring me extreme bliss. Day in and day out…..

This, right here, right now… no matter what my life brings and how it comes around, I want to work hard so I can continue climbing mountains with you.

You are my goal, you are my wish come true…. this is my little inside look. What about you? What do you have to give?



Let me know, let us in… Happy to help!


The Always Believer



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