If you are happy and you know it…

Hi Team Flyer!

How are you all doing today?

Today we are talking about habits and thoughts of happy people, not saying that this will guarantee happiness to the 100% yet it is a great place to start…

Yup, yup, yup, these are just ideas of things you can do to help your own self out.

First things first:

Let go of the blame game: 

If that person hasn’t apologized, if they really haven´t had anything bad come their way, it is going to be okay. In other words, no matter whatever happens in their life, no matter how karma works or not, you have to let go of the blame, let go of whatever they did. And from that moment, from that very second, start focusing on your on goals and well-being. You see, if you start just thinking of yourself and discovering your own joy and happy spots, babe, it will result in you having the life you´ve been wanting. And thankfully, without all the drag and toss and turn of people who aren´t in your life anymore.

Give Back!

One of the best things we can do to this world is to give back! Give back love, in all shapes and forms. From volunteering to babysitting a family member, from commenting a random blog or picture to donating time or blood even. It can be done in so many ways, in ways that are infinite and the very best thing you can do with your time is to give back. The more you give of yourself, the more you receive. And you will find a happier world within yourself.




What are your goals? What are things that drive you? What is your passion?!

Hey, Team Flyer, you sure are able to get some goals done, look at where you were a year ago and now, look at what you have changed, added, let go and simply outdid yourself in something or other… Time to get going and get those goals in check.  Once you have a goal list, you are able to have it present and from that moment on, go for it. And that feeling of crossing that goal off your list? Priceless and well-deserved!

Live this moment!

This is your Now. Not your before, not your will be. Now, this moment, now. No matter what it is that you are doing in life, your aim, your mood, your surroundings, enjoy that moment. The rest will come, the rest will sort itself at some moment. For now, you got to keep focused on the now factor because it is what you have in front of you. Now, darling, imagine if you just lived this moment, you will have all the doors that are opening all around you and you finally realized it, how wonderful that is.

Know who you are!

Listen, we spend far too much time wondering, confused, lost, crazy in translation moments…. this whole thing is great for the self-discovery road as long as you are brave enough to understand that all those are you. As long as you let go of fear and worry, you start appreciating that your sad comes with happy, you start seeing that your highs comes with lows and that you are that person in every given circumstance. And that right there is a beautiful thing, that you are able to be yourself and know who you are. Own it, empower it, embrace it and if you want to change, change for you, be happy for you, take care of you.


Do what you love!

This is said time and time again and here we are stating it once more! Why? Because we always need these kinds of reminders, we really do. We are all very focused on our have to do list, on our obligations and things that we should do and whatnot, that most of the time we forget to do things that we really love. And what do we love? People who reach their goals so much that their happiness jumps off the screen and into our lives. And when we actually do see these people, they contage us with their positive vibes to get us going. So, in the same words, do what you love.

Know where you are in each moment!

To be where you are in each and every moment is important. This is because you are only in this moment once. Wherever you may be, from a recording studio to chemistry class, from a park to on the bus, be one with that moment. Take it easy, take it with a smile and just take it.

What are your go-to thoughts to live life happier?

Hit us down below and keep spreading the love,

The Always Believer


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