I’m working out, I want the world to know, got to let it show

That I’m working out… come on, sing with us!

We know, Team Flyer, we tweaked the lyrics…  For all the right reasons!


We sure love to spread the good cheer with positive quotes and all! And so, today we ave a few words of advice about working out and living it up. We are past that July mark and we are living in Summer Heaven, working or not, break or not, we all are loving this sunshine gold. And in the case that you aren’t in Summer anymore, we just want to cheer you on to good exercise habits, any time a year!


Let’s go, Team Flyer!


Benefits, benefits, benefits… that is all we see.


Being in shape means feeling good about yourself and being healthy, now that is enough reason on its own. We also want to add the fact that it has nothing to do with the fact of wanting to be skinny, heck no… we want to feel healthy, be healthy and love ourselves more every day. No matter if you are a man or a woman, we all appreciate a healthy living.

When your body is in a better condition,  the better it will run. Less colds, more energy and tons of night of good much needed sleep. And if we move even further, it boosts HDL and lowers triglycerides. All of this being good news. Any kind of exercise helps stimulates your brain to improve your mood, stamina and whole life itself.

What we have been doing all year long is taking walks at lunch time. Anywhere from 10 minutes to a full hour, we are on the go. We get off a couple of metro stops before and walk that way home and do many other things that makes us walk a bit more. Above all, we really saw the difference gradually. No, we aren’t super skinny, no matter how healthy we are eating. We are, however, more in shape and being able to last longer doing other daily things.

We come back refreshed, at ease and ready to study or work longer… All we see are benefits.


Set goals, start small and work your way up


Don’t just go into overdrive, don’t just go all in… start small. As you read from before, we started with walks all year-long. Now, we are able to go to dance class for an hour, go up countless stairs without getting too too tired and even, go footing once in a while. Small steps that head into bugger ones. As life usually goes.  Know your body, know your strength, know what you are able to handle.

Make sure you keep these goals in mind and after it, give yourself a healthy treat. Are strawberries your favorite? Maybe apples? Or even yogurt? Anything healthy goes. Be kind with yourself and take it one step at a time.


The Gym life is not for everyone.

Seriously, not everyone wants to run on a treadmill. If you have a park nearby or not even that close, go to it. Run through the park, through the beach, to the lake, to the mall, to wherever you feel like the most. You don’t have to run there, you can walk, jog… just do what you feel. Be outside as much as you can. It helps you in a whole new way. Not only this to keep in mind, we are not all made for the gym because for some it is a chore. Be an adult! Choose what you want to do. You are not 10 years old anymore and having to take mandatory gym class. Go on, pick up kickboxing, tennis, golf, dance, surf, beach volleyball, swimming, etc… whatever your heart names, do it.


Make sure it is on your list.


During the week you work 40 hours, you study countless hours, you go to the grocery store, you hang out with friends and do other life errands. You “write” everything you want and need to do, make your exercise part of your life. It is who you want to become and by always setting a fixed time for it, you will be more of you are, one training day at a time. You get the picture, it is your time, be sure to always have it and let it be part of your routine.


Redefine what is a workout for you and take the right steps.


Honey, your body is your temple. Learn how to treat it right. As soon as you discover your own way of working out the right kind of way you want, be sure to take breaks too. Once you’ve got an established rhythm, push yourself to do more. Step by step. After that happens, after you climbed to the next step, remember that breaks are good and needed.

You see, your body will start being sore, will start noticing all these changes. Keep in mind that when this happens, you will still need to keep moving. The next day, take it a tone down, or just walk instead of regular workout.  These are simple steps to remember and live by. We want the best for you so whatever doubt, be sure to talk to a specialists or doctor.

Live the live you want to live and do what is good for you. Start today, start now, for your own benefit and your future. We believe in you, darling.



If you liked what you read and this helped you to start or keep going, let us know down below. We always love to read comments and all your happy thoughts really gets our mojo going. Share it around, let your best friend know and then just go for it! Let us know how it goes and we might even feature you for #GoDoFly!

Keep that great work up!

Spread the love,

The Always Believer


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