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Hello there lovely World Creators,

There is are many things that we use every day, there are many different ways of using these different things and most of all, there are many ways of approaching when these things aren’t at its best state, after all, they are all machines…

I have this on my mind: technology. And its wonderful status around it.

Let me be simple, let me be clear.

For many days that turned into weeks and those weeks to years and yes all those weeks into years… I have used many types of technology. And mainly, my laptop which is just a baby, as in small. It has been with me for five years and tons of world traveling in between.

As it becomes older and slower, it tests out my patience. Yes, it is a wonder that something that is a machine helps me have much more patience in my everyday surrounding. I could have something faster, lighter, bigger, etc… yet as my money goes to bills and trips, the laptop is hanging in there. Now, we all go through this nowadays. We all have this machine that works well, yet sometimes it tests our patience. Whether it is a coffee machine, dishwasher, iPod, DVR, printer, so on… it gives us another way of taking life easy. I am extremely thankful to have this old prize with me. This is what moves me, this is what I chose to work, this is part of me right about now.

And anyone who uses a computer to make a living surely understands. Specially if it is a living that you are in love with. Much like mine, thankfully. Not only work wise, but just keeping in touch. This machine that is in front of me is my right hand. This is important. Some may think it is silly, since it just a machine, but think about how much I can do with this machine.

Back to the point, everything is in the making. The days that it is slower or the days I save up money to get a new one, I gain more patience, I gain more self-control and I gain self-motivation. Instead of getting angry whenever it decides to freeze or whatever, I take it as a lesson. I take a step back, do something else and let it go as it fixes by itself. It motivates me to keep saving and getting something newer. (This baby is very overused, no matter how much I love it)

And most of all, as all of this is in the making, I let it be. It usually fixes itself with whatever anti-virus or self-cleaning and it reminds me that life fixes itself too. Yes, I am seeing the bigger picture but isn’t that worth it sometimes?

To just see it how it is, a machine that needs its time, a way of motivating me to get better things and to have patience with everything….

What is that machine in the making that you have? What is that everyday machine that makes your life easier?

Spread the love, have patience and keep working towards your goal,

The Always Believer


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