It takes guts to be gentle and kind.

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How is it going on this beautiful day?

You know what we are talking about today? Something the world needs, something the world deserve, heck, something we all have in us every single day— kindness. We have needed this since like forever,ever, ever,ever…. you get the idea.

Small acts of kindness, we all have heard them because seriously, we don´t like under a rock. When was the last time  you received an act of kindness? Or better said, when was the last time you did one of your own?

Not the kind that comes from an Instagram quote nor pinterest nor the ones you write in a lovely card to your BFF, the kind that takes your time out of whatever else you were doing, the one that is genuine, real and hard to do, at times. This kind that we need every single day for the rest of our lives, for as long as anyone ever lives.

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(The other day, for example, I needed to take a brand new bus in the middle of nowhere…. I googled everything about it yet it stop didn´t show up in real life, seriously, it was no-where to be found… So, I went over to a hip older lady and asked her. She had no idea, as well. She takes the regular buses, she says. I told her it was okay and there was nothing else I could do but wait there since I did what I could. The next thing I see her doing is asking everyone in our surroundings, calling the bus office and then when that didn´t work, and her bus came rolling up, she even asked the bus driver about the mystery bus…. long story not short, she took her time to make sure I got the bus I needed, even if we didn’t find the answer, she didn´t have to do any of it, she just did it.)

Do an act of kindness today. 

One thing today that makes you feel kinder, not just for your sake, yet for the whole society´s sake. This doesn´t mean you are doing something for something else, it means that you are helping spread kindness around… and one small act today will lead to bigger ones in general. You attract things in your life and what goes around, comes around and all that jazz. You know what I am saying, so by opening the door for someone, by tipping someone a bit more, by complementing someone or any other small thing like that, it will sure to make someone´s day.

Spread the Love

I say this as much as I can and will always stand by it. The world has enough negativity in every single corner we turn, no matter where we are or what channel we turn to… it is always horrid news… why spread that when you can just as easy spread love? It is the same effort and it is a whole different cause. The more we do today, the better it will be in the future and that is our main goal… it really is.  And heck, it is also free.

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The worst is the first thing we see?

Yes, sadly, we are extremely used to see the worst in people first, to think they are just either too mean, too rude or too vain… when in reality, you don´t know a thing about them. No matter where you live, you will always encounter people. (Unless you live in the middle of the jungle, n which you will only be reading this where there is internet and phone cables and that even then, it usually means that there are people somewhat close.) And these people all have separate live´s and routines and problems and solutions and family and hobbies and all the other ´and´ we can add on by, really…

In other words, next time you think someone is being a ´bit´ out of context because they didn´t give you the exact change, a driver cut you off or someone at work didn´t say good morning right away, don´t think the worst out of them. They all have their own battles and you never know… And even if you know why they are rude, you know that they are fighting their battle as well…

Do your best, think your best, act your best. 

In what kind of world of yours do you want to be treated badly for no particular reason? I sure hope none, so…….. Let just start assuming the best and giving out to the world what you want the world to give to you. And by assuming the best, doesn´t always mean that they everyone deserves such thing, yet that isn´t for you to judge because you are no ones personal boss nor owner. You take care of you and if you want to be treated right, practice what you preach.

And in the big picture as well, if you choose to be nice,  you are already putting something nice down your own path. Without looking any further nor meaning anything else of it… You, right there, put yourself in a better mood just by spread that same love.

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All in all, be kind to one another. Be sure to spread this message as much as you can, whether it is word of mouth, passing this post along or just reminding yourself every day to do so.

Share a kindness story of your own! Feel free to do so since you are always welcome to share your cool stories!

Spread the love,

The Always Believer


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