It’s my party


Hola amores! Hello Loves!

Can you tell I am extra happy today? Well, you are right, I am always this upbeat and cheerful.Yet this month is always an extra!

Let me fill you in.

Since 2011, I have been celebrating my birthday big and many times. You see, I have moved a lot in my life and birthdays were here, there and everywhere.

Being the organizer that I am, I have had themed parties of the sort. From dress up, black&white, USA themed, my favorite colors and more. This is year is no different! Yesterday was my first birthday dinner due to scheduling and there is more coming. It is a constant party, I’m traveling from city to city and making the most by surrounding myself with amazing friends.

(Pictured above – one of the first birthday presents. Representing Suenalo with the best merchandise, check them out:

This is my personal break all year-long. I tend to work throughout the year without stopping, hopping onto jobs and moving as I go. Sure, it makes my life more interesting and enriching, yet leaves little space for a breather.

I wanted to take this time, this little post to share with you a bit more of my world. Being an organized person that I am, you will have fresh posts every week from here till the end of my celebrations. That is for sure. I just want to let you know there might be so delays in the email and comment department. You will also have a few surprises along the way.


This birthday girl wanted to remind you that life is a celebration!

As I stated about a month ago,


Birthday or not, celebrate life’s greatest moments, live with a smile on your face and do what you love to do. Be your own celebration, be your own motivator, come on, you have got what it takes. 

What are you doing today to celebrate life? What makes you happy above anything else?

Keep sharing life with me, keep sharing your voice for #GoDoFly and most of all share those lovely posts that keep you motivated. Everyone deserves a powertalk! 🙂

Tons of love fellow Aries and everyone else in between!

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