JotForm everyone?

Hello Team Flyer,

As you can see, there have been ongoing changes around the block. Because no matter how much we love stating that “We are still from the block” much like Jenny (From the block), we got to stay up to date and with the times.

New categories and new scenery is up and as we keep evolving, we found JotForm. As I work hard on this site because as you all know, it is my passion…  I started searching the web galaxy for new ideas, projects and collaborations and then, there they were.
JotForm caught my attention as a form tool that is both quick and easy to use. Because after all, we do work hard and we do want to work smart. Therefore, I contacted them and found out all the cool things I was able to do. Contact forms of all sorts, from the one I am using which is a quick form so you can spread the word and tell a friend, or even forms that are specific to your every need.

And if that wasn’t captivating enough, their sweet theme designs are really something else.  It invites you and helps you all along the way. Plus, it is free to use. Sure, they have some paid features such as certain themes sent in by the public, price friendly too !! $5- $10 dollars !! And oh yeah, you read right, my Flyers, you can send in your own themes. Makes you feel more like part of the community and we all know how much we love being part of the community! 😉

Seriously, due to my day job and the many hours I put in this site, sometimes I feel like the day needs more hours to do it all. Yet strolling along their many cool creations, I quickly choose the right form for me and decided to pin it up right away. You can see it under any category page of mine. I will be playing around their page for a while and be including a few more along the way, for sure.

For now, I really wanted to share this tool with you since I found it resourceful and easy to handle. There are few things to be fixed along the way, such as no drag and drop and the email template needs to be prettier. After all, we all know that we all love rainbows, sunshine and anything Disney related.

If you are looking for your audience’s opinion on something, want to inform them of any changes or just customize it to your needs, it’s all there. More cool news about it coming up. Meanwhile, enjoy JotForm. Check them out, tell them I send you over and keep spreading the love!
Spread the love,
The Always Believer

UPDATE: As soon as I posted this and spoke about the drag and drop issues that I had, I got contacted right away by two members of Jotform. Man, that was fast. I am happy to say that I got the drag and drop thing pat-down and that they helped me in the greatest way possible. Just another reason why to love Jotform and join in on all the fun!

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    1. Sure thing! It also might have been a glitch! I will find it and send it your way. 🙂 Have an awesome day!

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