Joyful July

Hi Team Flyer!
How are you? Let me know it down below!

Man, oh man, have I missed sitting in front my computer to talk to you. And here I am wanting to tell you everything that has been going on in the past few months, all while  knowing that I am having a deja-vu and that I am already going to escape in no time…

Okay, so you´ve read my Opening My Eyes, which explains oh so much! Now, where am I since then?

New kiddos! Wow! This is the first week and just the beginning of the year of boys. I took care of three girls a couple years ago and it was one of the best experiences ever. Three girls and you know they are much like my family. Now, with the boys, adorable, adventurous, caring and energetic non stop. We are doing plenty of summer fun things, pool included every day, can´t complain at all. Why, of course! It is about an hour away from the city and it will be a whole new world in public transport next year, meanwhile, getting used to them and them to me and me to everything…. Be sure to check out my snapchat! You can get to see them being their silly and natural selves.

What more? See, this me time I was talking about all along will have to wait a bit longer…. You see, I´ve got a three glorious weeks off this summer, not in a row. One next week and even though it was going to be as filled of writing and videos…. a dear good friend of mine is coming to visit me all week. And of course, stop the bus and everything else, it is perfect timing and just one heck of a surprise! We haven´t seen each other in 5 years…. yup, it´s about time.  So, meanwhile, I will write in the little moments that I can, all while enjoying summer.

My two weeks off are coming soon and I spending some me time meditating and away from the computer and media, all while visiting some family and then a whole week with one of my dearest friends in the whole wide world… Can life get any sweeter? I stop and think about it tons lately… All my hard work over the past year or two and better yet, getting up and deciding what is right for me. You see, I am a family person to a point, I´ve been independent all my life and with the family just stay in touch from time to time. This week, I´ve finally spoken to quite a bit of them,telling all of my good news and hard work, want to know what, Team Flyer? It felt so nice!

I can´t believe that I said yes, that I shook everything off from the past few years, got all brave, crammed for an exam, took it, got into school and turning my life around. Who knows where it will take me nor what I will feel once I get in head deep? At least I am going for it, making the effort and change.

Lastly, emotional wise; a good mixed bag of bittersweet, bravery, happiness and enjoying the moment. And oh yes, taking one thing at a time… really, actually, for reals, doing it this time. One thing at a time.

Man, I would love to add some great pictures to this, yet all I can offer you right now is a look into any and all my social media since I do post a lot through there. You are my one true goal and even though it comes and goes, there is always something going on in social media… Excuse me through the changes, ups and downs and turn around… after all, isn´t that what life is all about? Yes, we all know my schedule is going to be booked in no time…. let´s put it this way, every since we started this relationship it has only been lessons to be learned and up, up, up!

More coming soon! You know it!

Thanks for reaching out and please, feel free to say hello, message me, send me your snapchats and whatnot.

Thanks for being there and being my one and main inspiration, YOU, YOU READING THIS, is how this magic happens. THANK YOU.

I adore you, spread the love,

The Always Believer


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